How to inspire women to choose your beauty brand through Social Media

April 3, 2012 POSTED UNDER: Cosmetics,InnoCos,InnoCosmetics,new product development,perfumery innovation,personal care,social media

Guest blog post by Angela Cretu, Group Vice-President, Avon Eastern Europe.

Women on the Web can be like divas. They demand personal attention, respect and adoration.

Times are changing. We change even faster. The competition for resources, time and love is fierce.
Web became our favorite shortcut to life necessities and a surrogate for emotional connections.

Women are communicators by nature and facilitators; they are embracing social networking in a way that men are not. Furthermore, the rise of social networking has prompted women of all ages to engage in a host of associated online activities, such as photo-sharing, gaming, video viewing , forums, instant messaging and retail.
Social shopping is not just classic e-retail, it combines all the above activities that are already firmly in the mainstream of women’s Web activity may be the next frontier in retail evolution.
Yes, Digital Divas drive the dollars in the future. More women than men transact on the Internet and, collectively, they spend more. Women across the world spend quite a lot of time on retail sites and follow/give recommendations in their on-line community, indicating that as the e-shopping infrastructure and cultural norms evolve.

How to inspire HER choosing your brand through Social Media?

1. Make your strategy holistic
Social media should become an integral part of the overarching strategy, business objectives, business model and communication philosophy; Social media accounts/pages and activity should be promoted on a multichannel platform.
2. Be Genuine and Informal
Create an authentic and personal brand voice. Be generous by sharing valuable content and exclusive offers for HER; Use rich, relevant, entertaining content to create context and meaning around the product message. Drive HER engagement by rewarding desired behavior, remember HER past options, and talk about HER only
3. Join the conversation
This is multidimensional communication not just a dialogue, be engaged offer rich content but do not harass HER – she just needs to be intrigued and to desire more ; Focus on relationship building, nurture emotions, create a safe environment for HER to test her options before purchase. The communication is not ending after her purchase but becomes even stronger and intimate to her needs.
4. Easy access to your products
Make it easy and fun to buy and recommend your products from HER page so she may never leave her friends while shopping. Moreover they can shop together and still be connected
5. Make it interesting to join, fun to be engaged
Gamification is the newest, coolest way to make her enjoy her shopping. Offer her instant gratification; make HER shopping experience viral and reward her behavior
6. Measure and adjust
Monitor progress see which campaigns and initiatives resonate then repeatedly adjust your strategy, never lose the sight on HER engagement. The moment she stopped liking you, she is not the only one disappearing from your store. Her entire network will delete your app

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