innoCos Rome 2014

May 21-23, 2014 - Rome, Italy

21-23 May 2014, Rome, Italy

Beauty Innovation Leaders Summit 2014

* Marketing Strategies * Innovation * Connecting with Consumers * New Product Development * Trends * Branding * Design * Packaging * The Beauty Retail Revolution

  • High profile international summit featuring case study presentations from leaders of the most innovative beauty brands and retailers.
  • Come to the event and stay for the EXCLUSIVE, one-of-a-kind experience: Leader of the Year Awards Ceremony & Dinner Reception by Global Cosmetics Community.

Who attends?

Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry executives including SVPs, VPs, Board Members, Directors, Senior Managers, Executives in charge of:

  • Marketing
  • Innovation
  • Online Marketing & Social Media
  • New Product Development
  • R&D
  • Branding
  • Consumer Insights / Market Research
  • Packaging (Innovation, Development, Design)
  • Business Development

Why attend?

  • Develop new business relationships face-to-face in an exclusive networking environment
  • Discuss business challenges and best practices with your peers
  • Attend “hands on” workshops where you will brainstorm in small groups and report your conclusions to the whole group
  • Gain valuable “take-aways” and learn from real life case studies from industry senior executives

New in 2014!

  • Downtown Rome Trend Walk: inspirational objects and spaces
  • Leader of the Year Awards Dinner by Global Cosmetics Community

The Leader of the Year Award  by Global Cosmetics Community has been created to recognize and honor managers and leaders in the Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry who have significantly contributed to the success of their company by developing, enhancing and expanding the practice of innovation.  Innovations can include marketing, product development, packaging and retailing initiatives that have delivered business value.

“We have met many amazing leaders at our events who drive innovation in their companies, some of which have been featured on our Wall of Fame “- states Irina Kremin, Business Development Director of innoCos, “Our goal is to give them more recognition by introducing the innoCos Leader of the Year Awards. We have the support of our jury that consists of industry leaders, consults and academics and are very excited to see the first winners in 2014!”

The Award draws applicants from a wide diversity of companies in the cosmetics and personal care industry: beauty brands and retailers, packaging, raw material suppliers and other organisations involved in innovating or retailing new beauty products. Leaders and their organisations will receive broad recognition for their accomplishments through both press and media publications around the world.

Join the dinner

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Fees include:

  • Attendance to all the conference sessions
  • Conference materials, including any available speakers’ papers
  • Lunch
  • Tea and coffee during the breaks
  • Networking Drinks Reception

Fees do not include:

  • Leader of the Year Awards dinner
  • Hotel accommodation


In order for your name to appear in the list of participants, which will be distributed at the conference, your registration form must be received by latest 10 May 2014 at the latest.


Registration is open.Upon receipt of your payment for the conference a confirmation email will be sent containing instructions and updates. Registration confirmation will not be distributed by post.


Participants are responsible for making their own travel arrangements. It is recommended that you check your visa requirements with your local Embassy or Consulate. We are unable to dispatch visa invitation letters to support your visa application prior to receipt of your registration form and full payment of registration fees. Please apply for your visa in good time.


Please note that no individual or organisation may display or distribute publicity material or other printed matter during the conference, unless agreed upon and arranged with KGS. Organisations and companies wishing to discuss promotional opportunities should contact: Irina Kremin tel:: +31 643001954 or email:


Official event hashtag: #innocos

This exclusive programme delivers two days of business and social networking alongside an inspiring and insightful agenda featuring leading experts from cosmetics and personal care industry. We rely extensively on industry research to provide practical platforms where executives can learn, network and benchmark themselves against their peers.

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If you are interested in speaking at innoCos Europe, Rome, 21-22 May 2014, email

Wednesday May 21, 2014

20.00 Welcome cocktail reception and registration.

Thursday May 22, 2014

8.30 Registration

9.00 Opening of the conference and welcome words from the chair.

9.15 Opening keynote

Creating Successful Products in the Consumer Focused Era

Social anthropology is being used to understand how an individual's daily interactions in their social networks is essential for brands to identify their target market. 

For example an individual is not alone because he or she lives with other family members, their friends, and their colleagues - so that means buying something is also the result of a collective process, based on "pre-digital networks" and digital networks.  By focusing on how the consumers' decision-making process begins before the final product possession, this will create a successful product.

This presentation will highlight four key points:

  • Invention at the R&D level - brand competition vs. consumer constraints
  • Exploring Innovation as a social process - from R&D to marketing
  • Viewing reception of innovation in the domestic space
  • Discussing how consumers use all objects: recycling vs. disposal

Dominique Desjeux, Anthropologist, Professor, Université Paris Descartes, Paris Sorbonne Cité Director, Professional Doctoral Program (Sorbonne, salle D676), International consultant (China, Brazil, US, Africa, Europe)

9:45  Innovating the Omnicanal Client Beauty Experience

  • Understanding the challenges of a coherent omnichannel experience
  • Driving innovation to build client experience

Elizabeth Angles D’Auriac, Director Marketing EMEA, Sephora

10:15  Maximising Open Innovation Through Partnerships

  • Identifying and selecting the right partners effectively
  • Driving open innovation by setting goals and guidelines for supplier and partner relationships
  • Advancing R&D efforts, minimizing costs, meeting demands and co-creating products with external partners
  • Encouraging and uncovering fresh ideas by partnering with universities and new talent

Elisabetta Ricci, VP Regional Marketing Europe, Elizabeth Arden


10:45 Networking Coffee Break & Exhibition


11:15   Innovating & Positively Impacting your Bottom Line Through Emerging Trends

  • Take advantage the latest trends to differentiate and refresh your brand
  • What is the next big thing?

Celia Delahalle, Marketing and Communication Director, Yves Rocher

11:45   From YES TO Carrots to YES TO Natural Beauty

  • YES TO road trip to success and the position of natural products in the global market
  • Combining innovation, branding and digital marketing to gain a competitive advantage in an extremely
    competitive beauty market.
  • Meeting new ingredient and product demands as consumers are increasingly savvy and well informed.

Joy Chen, CEO, Yes To Inc.

12:15  Advancing Technology to Better Connect with Beauty Consumers on Line

  • How you can leverage online and mobile platforms to extend shopping experiences
  • Utilizing technology to enhance emotional connections and humanize the brand with the consumer •
  • Building relationships and maximizing one-on-one conversations with customers
  • Talking with your consumers online to create the most effective and engaging advertisements and marketing campaigns

Alexandra Soubrier Digital Marketing Services, General Manager, Marketing Analytics, Unilever


12: 45   Networking lunch


14:00  Examining the Hottest & Latest Marketing Trends

  • Investigating trends in both the online and offline landscape that affects digital efforts and marketing to shoppers
  • Discussing how you can effectively reach and market to today's global, demanding and connected consumer

Sinan Yuksel, Head & Shoulders EMEA Regional Brand Manager & EMEA Hair Care Marketing Capability, Procter & Gamble

14:30  The Future is Now: How the Beauty Industry can Benefit from Digital Campaigns

  • Assessing changes in the digital landscape in order to proactively capitalise future sales and marketing opportunities
  • Understanding shifts in entertainment and media creation, and where they create new opportunities for brands
  • Adapting to the monetization of social media- Connecting with the vlogger, a.k.a. the "Beauty Editor for the digital era"
  • Leveraging user generated content to extend brand reach & credibility & exploring opportunities for always on shopping in a multi-device world

Valerie Hoecke, VP Digital Experience & Commerce, LVMH, Benefit Cosmetics

15:00 Beauty from Within with Verisol®

  • Significantly improves wrinkles, skin elasticity and moisture
  • Counteracts the causes of skin aging in the dermal skin layer

Jean-Luc Guichard, Manager Development Health & Nutrition Europe, Gelita


15:20 Networking Cofee Break & Exhibition


16:00  New Technologies & Active Ingredients: Plant stem cells & Sustainability

  • Critically analysing the sustainability benefits and accompanied challenges and limitation
  • Future outlook for plant stem cells in cosmetics

Alain Mavon, Skin Research Director, Oriflame Cosmetics AB

16:30 Building Trust: Utilising Innovative Technologies that Serve Customer Needs while Easing Safety Concerns

  • Non-animal approaches
  • Using alternative/predictive methods to support innovation
  • Anticipating the safety and effectiveness of products

Gladys Ouédraogo, Scientific Officer Research & Innovation, L’Oreal

17:00  Developing Green & Sustainable Packaging

  • Addressing consumer confusion of sustainable packaging to clearly communicate and translate your strategy
  • Displaying your sustainable initiatives and attributes of products clearly on packaging
  • Determining the credibility of your brand and authenticity of your sustainable / green offerings to consumers who are becoming more educated
  • Balancing marketing and sustainability objectives effectively

Anagnosti Tsoukala, Head of Sustainability, Apivita

17:30  Consumer-centric Packaging Design for Brand Success

  • Translating the brand identity of personal care brands such as Dove or Lynx into creative and efficient packaging design to ensure right packaging solutions are delivered
  • Achieving a holistic package design that reflects main brand values and satisfies consumer needs
  • Investing in a consumer-centric approach to packaging design and innovation that builds trust in new brands and adds value to established ones

Paul Howells, VP R&D Packaging, Unilever

18:00 End of the day
19:30 Registration for the Gala Dinner & Networking Reception

20: 00 Dinner & Awards Ceremony

This first annual Awards to honor the Most inspiring innovation Leaders of the Year has been created to recognize managers who have significantly contributed to the success of their companies by advancing the spread and the practice of Innovation in the area of Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry. This award provides an opportunity for individuals and companies to celebrate their innovation and gain recognition for the role they play in inspiring others.

Friday May 23, 2014


8:45  Chairman's Welcome

9:00   Translating Consumer Trends Into New Product Development, Innovation & Marketing Strategies

  • Uncovering valuable and profitable insights from market research and studies
  • Working with suppliers and partners to share knowledge, combine resources and find new insights
  • Translating future trends into innovative products and/or processes

Veronique Stephan, Sales & Business Development Director, Johnson & Johnson

09:30  Uncovering the Latest Developments in New Ingredients and Formula Techniques

  • Creating a "one product for all" through innovative ingredients and formulations
  • Fulfilling consumer needs and meeting product claims
  • Ensuring the marketing, NPD, innovation and R&D team works closely together to increase time-to-market and product success

Roberto Leonardi, Former R&D Director Raw Materials, Analytics and Quality Assurance, Revlon

10:00  Creating an Entire New Beauty Category is a Retailers Revenue Dream

In this session we will hear how uslu airlines has made airbrush makeup retailable - from a pro tool to a bathroom standart. uslu airlines has yielded the retailer over €500 per customer tickets, which has been impossible to be achieved with any other colour cosmetic category before and also builds a firm relationship with the customer for repeat sales. The user experience is habit forming. Like a drug, just without the negatives or the police. The 'Nespresso brand' of cosmetics (in the making).  We will also discuss how 2014 will see the the relaunch of this revolution after 6 years of development…

Jan Mihm, Co-Founder USLU Airlines

10:30  The Beauty Retail Revolution

BEAUTY CUBE has been conceived in a post-digital environment, not to exist only in a physical space – but by merging the divide between the 'virtual' and 'physical' space.  At BEAUTY CUBE, the customer cannot be sure 'where' things happen, finding his/herself in an intuitive, flowing 'meta-space'.

This design of BEAUTY CUBE extends beyond the divide between the 'shop' and 'editorial content', as products are 'stretched' to bear a bigger meaning beyond themselves, and content is not 'isolated' as merely an addition or as an accessory to a product. This presentation highlights:

  • Integrating a retail/e-commerce within the new patterns in perception and consumption in the post-digital era
  • Upcoming innovations in content/editorial creation, lineup and retail editing

Cruz Calvo, Founder Beauty Cube  


11:00   Networking Coffee Break & Exhibition


11:30   Capitalising on the Evolving Premium/Luxury Beauty Market

  • Understanding how the premium market is shaping up in developed vs
  • emerging economies
  • Investigating industry crossover, such as fashion and beauty, and how
  • you can maximise these for new business ventures
  • Exploring key opportunities across different beauty segments and
  • future potential

Irina Barbalova, Global Head of Beauty & Personal Care Research, Euromonitor International

12:00   The Power of Social Collaboration and Curious Learning

  • Examining how to be a curious learner and how to look at things with a unique perspective
  • Understanding what social collaboration means to people and as well as companies
  • Discussing the importance of driving creativity and innovation by taking risks

Jennifer Ritter , Director of Global Creativity, Business Innovation & DreamSpace, Estee Lauder

12:30   Brand Building Innovation in a Changing World

  • The importance of innovation in gaining a competitive advantage
  • Contemporary innovation programs of Coty
  • Case study

Les Smith, Senior VP, R&D, Coty


13:00 - Networking lunch and departures

15:00  Trend Walk in Rome: focus on inspiration & design in everyday objects and spaces.

* This program is currently being updated with new speakers and topics and some sessions may be subject to change.*

This exclusive programme delivers two days of business and social networking alongside an inspiring and insightful agenda featuring leading experts from cosmetics and personal care industry. We rely extensively on industry research to provide practical platforms where executives can learn, network and benchmark themselves against their peers.

If you are interested in speaking at innoCos Europe, Rome, 21-23 May 2014, email

innoCos would like to thank all who have assisted with the research and preparation of this event. In particular the speakers, sponsors and media partners who have supported the event through direct contribution.

“Rome is not a model for good urbanism and it works beautifully. It has the confidence of history and the romance of good taste, which allows it to break any code of urban quality of life. And it’s precisely this arrogance that makes it so alluring.”

Hugo Macdonald, design editor, Monocle.

Dominique Desjeux, Anthropologist, Professor, Université Paris Descartes, Paris Sorbonne Cité Director, Professional Doctoral Program (Sorbonne, salle D676), International consultant (China, Brazil, US, Africa, Europe)

Dr. Dominique Desjeux is an Anthropologist and Professor of Anthropology at the Sorbonne Université Paris Descartes, and Sorbonne Paris Cité, in France. He is also the head of the Professional PhD program. He worked for eight years in subsaharan Africa on projects such as: kinship, witchcraft, and land tenure. He has been working for 40 years in academia and in the business industry, specifically in the areas of innovation, consumption and the decision making process in companies and families. He has managed several research activities on body care and cosmetics in France, Brazil, China and the US - mainly for L’Oreal and Chanel.

Steve Gibbons, Managing Director, Dew Gibbons + Partners

Steve studied as a designer at the Royal College of Art in London. On graduation he was invited by his tutor Brian Tattersfield to join Minale Tattersfield after which he joined The Partners in 1984, becoming a partner in 1986. He founded DewGibbons + Partners in 1997.
Steve is also a Director of the Design Business Association with an objective to share his knowledge of leading a successful design agency and to promote the effectiveness of design services. DewGibbons + Partners is in the ‘top 10’ of the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards (the oscars of design effectiveness) with 2 golds, a silver & the special export award in the last 2 years. He is a regular contributor to both the health & beauty trade press and has talked at numerous conferences.
He has worked extensively within the beauty industry creating and reinventing brands for clients including Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Schwarzkopf, Boots, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose, Nicky Clarke, Trevor Sorbie & Vidal Sassoon.
Steve shares his time between London and the country where he lives with his wife, 2 children, 3 cats and a collection of aesthetically chosen, but almost entirely unproductive, chickens.

Elisabetta Ricci, VP Regional Marketing Europe, Elizabeth Arden.

Lisa currently heads up Marketing for Europe at Elizabeth Arden in Geneva. Elizabeth Arden is a global prestige beauty company with a portfolio of beauty brands sold in over 100 countries. The Company's brand portfolio includes the Elizabeth Arden brand—one of the most recognized names in beauty known around the world for quality, product innovation and the iconic Red Door; Celebrity fragrance brands including Britney Spears, Elizabeth Taylor, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift and the Designer/Lifestyle fragrance brands including Juicy Couture, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Geoffrey Beene, Halston, John Varvatos, and Giorgio Beverly Hills. Lisa started her career in Communications working at Colors Magazine and MTV, and then found herself working in Marketing at P&G for over 12 years across Beauty categories from make-up to skin to deodorants to personal cleansing to prestige fragrances. Lisa is incredibly happy to be in her hometown Rome to talk about innovation—the city of Rome and doing things in a different way sum up her DNA. After more than 15 years leading account management and strategic services, dishing out advice at interactive agencies, Valerie Hoecke is finally getting a taste of her own medicine. Fortunately, it comes with a spoonful of sugar at Benefit Cosmetics, where the tagline is "Laughter is the best cosmetic, so grin and wear it." Valerie presently serves as the VP Digital Experience & Commerce at Benefit Cosmetics, a global prestige cosmetics company, one of the LVMH brands. At Benefit, Valerie is responsible for the growth of the brand's global ecommerce channel, for sales through a variety of 3rd party ecommerce channel partners, and for all digital media strategy and online marketing for Benefit. Immediately before joining Benefit, Valerie served as the General Manager for Method San Francisco, a brand experience agency, and before that as VP Client Services or VP Strategy for a number of interactive agencies.

Les Smith, Senior Vice President R&D, COTY

Born in St. Andrews , Scotland he received an honors degree in chemistry from the University of Stirling in Scotland. He then went on to complete a PhD in organic chemistry in Cambridge Massachusetts under the guidance of the British Nobel Prize winner Sir Derek Barton. After a post doctoral position at the University of Geneva in Switzerland he joined Procter and Gamble the consumer product giant in Brussels Belgium. Following several years with P&G he joined the fragrance industry in a number of technical management positions in Switzerland and the US. He joined Coty in 2002 at their global R&D headquarters in Morris Plains in NJ. As VP R&D his broad range of responsibilities ranged through, basic research, fragrance technology and development, consumer affairs, sensory, Coty Testing Institute, analytical, safety and toxicology. In July 2011 he moved to Geneva Switzerland as Senior Vice President R&D maintaining his responsibilities in the U.S. while establishing Coty’s newly created Global Center of Excellence for Fragrances in Geneva. He has a number of publications in chemistry and perfumery and a list of patents ranging from insect control to deodorancy to delivery systems. He now lives in the village of Crassier just outside of Geneva.

Cruz Calvo, Founder, Beauty Cube

Cruz founded BEAUTY CUBE in 2005 out of her interest in retail as a cultural innovation tool. She has been successful in placing it among the most respected and influential independent niche beauty retailers in Europe. BEAUTY CUBE has introduced more than 60 niche brands into the Spanish market, simultaneously creating an advanced context through brand and trends conceptualization.
Cruz has a background in Philosophy and Fashion Design, and a broad range of intellectual interests resulting in a transdisciplinar viewpoint on market dynamics. Having also coined the concept“Trans-disciplinar Retail” as the new operative system for the “Multi-Brand Store”.

Jan Mihm, Co-Founder USLU Airlines

Launched in 2003, uslu airlines is the creative collaboration between ‘’Co-pilots’’ German entreprenur Mr. Jan Mihm and celebrity Turkish make-up artist Ms. Feride Uslu. Their luxury cosmetics collection offers trend-setting colours and exclusive designer collaborations, which often finds themselves in a high-end horse race, challenging the most prestigous international luxury brands – a race that uslu airlines usually wins. Each product – or ‘’destination’’ is individually named after an international airport code, even including the most remote destinations in the world. With a Master’s degree in Communcations, Jan is also the CEO of Shukran Cola and ART IS THE ALIBI. Among his many creative talents, Jan also has a passion for kickboxing and creating brands.

Alexandra Soubrier, Alexandra Soubrier, Digital Marketing Services, General Manager, Marketing Analytics, Unilever

Alexandra graduates from HEC Business School and is also a UK Chartered marketer and a French chartered accountant. Alexandra started her career at Andersen in Paris in audit and business consulting. She then moved to Elizabeth Arden in London and Geneva in international commercial and marketing roles. Back in Paris, Alexandra worked in various listed companies in beauty marketing roles for Laboratoires Phyto-Lierac, Boots, and Dow Corning Beauty Care, before returning to Unilever last year. Currently, Alexandra leads the marketing analytics strategy at Unilever for global markets covering beauty and consumer goods brands. She has been a membre of HEC Luxury Alumni and Cosmetic Executive Women.

Elizabeth Angles D’Auriac, Director Marketing EMEA Sephora

Elizabeth Anglès d’Auriac has a rich 20-year marketing career specialised in beauty that has taken her around the globe.
Elizabeth has been with the LVMH group since 2009: first nourishing the brand experience of luxury champagne Dom Pérignon as Global Marketing & Communication Director and now driving innovation for Sephora as Marketing Director Europe.
Founded in 1969, Sephora cuts through the clutter with a visionary beauty retail concept that creates an entertaining shopping experience and brings high-end beauty care and fragrances within every consumer's reach.
Sephora currently operates more than one thousand stores in twenty countries worldwide where customers enjoy the freedom to choose from a broad range of products at their leisure.
Elizabeth Anglès d’Auriac has fuelled her passion for innovation throughout her 20 years of marketing experience specialising in health & beauty. This passion has taken her on marketing missions in France, the Middle East, India, South Africa and Argentina from product development to operational marketing to strategic planning.

Joy Chen, CEO, YES TO, Inc

Joy Chen is the Chief Executive Officer for YES TO Inc., which specializes in Natural Skincare globally. She has transformed the business and has catapulted the brand to the #2 category leadership position in natural personal care. Despite the economic downturn in the last several years, she successfully quadrupled the business revenue and increased the valuation of the company by five times since she joined. With these business results, YES TO Inc., has been recognized in the Top 100 fastest growing companies in San Francisco Bay Area. Moreover, the YES TO brand has won over 50 product awards from industry experts since her tenure. Prior to YES TO Inc., Joy has spent 17 years at the Clorox Company, and was the Vice President General Manager of the Laundry business. She had responsibilities for a business over $1B, handled the company’s most valuable brand equity, Clorox, and managed a large multi-functional organization. Her other Clorox positions included senior leadership roles in Marketing, Sales and Operations. Her work experience spans large and small companies, focuses on tackling complex, business turnarounds and shows her leadership effectiveness through leading organizations through change.
Joy is an active Board member and advisor for start-up businesses and non profit. Specifically, she is active with 18 Rabbits and 479 popcorn. Additionally, she is on the Board for Junior Achievement. She supports many women entrepreneurs by providing guidance and coaching to starting founders/CEOs in the San Francisco Area. She is also active with Network of Executive Women, a key women executive organization group in the USA, whose purpose is to empower women to reach their potential professionally. In order to share her expertise, she has been the keynote speaker at numerous business conferences and has written blogs and articles for business magazines. Recently, she has been awarded 2012 Most Admired CEO of the Year and 2013 Most Influential Women in the San Francisco Bay Area. Joy received her undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley and a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard University. For fun, she and her husband enjoy adventure travel, NASCAR racing and searching for the next new, undiscovered Michelin star restaurant around the world

Paul Howells, Vice President R&D Packaging

Paul Howells has spent his entire career at Unilever. He started as an Engineering Apprentice before becoming a specialist Packaging Machinery Engineer. He then joined Unilever’s European Packaging Group and was subsequently promoted to Senior Project Manager within the Overseas Packaging Group in 1996.
During this period, Paul led a wide range of packaging projects in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. These projects included the introduction of new packaging innovations as well the design and build of manufacturing facilities in Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.
In 1997 Paul was appointed as the Strategic Operations Director to Unilever’s Supply Chain SVP. In this role, Paul led a number of SC restructuring projects and supported the creation and implementation of Unilever’s global SC strategy for the Home and Personal Care business.
Paul was then appointed to run the Deodorants Aerosols factory in the Leeds UK. The factory is one of Unilever’s largest Personal Care factories producing in excess of 500 million units per year with a workforce of more than 500. This role was followed by a promotion to Works Director with responsibility for all Deodorant manufacturing operations in the UK. During his period, the Leeds factory achieved UK Best Factory Award. The site also become one of the top performing sites within Unilever Europe and consistently achieved the highest scores for customer service excellence.
In 2005, Paul moved back to R&D to lead a global process improvement programme on innovation delivery. This was followed by the appointment to Deodorants Packaging Director. In this role, Paul was responsible for the design and development of the global packaging innovation programme for the Deodorants Category. The scope included major global packaging innovations for Dove, Rexona/Sure, and Axe/Lynx brands.
Paul led the Deodorants Packaging Group for 6 years. In addition to delivering the Category innovation programme he built the advanced capabilities that have been instrumental in ensuring Unilever’s Deodorants packaging innovations consistently achieve market leadership.
In May 2013, Paul was appointed as VP for Packaging. He provides the functional leadership for Unilever’s packaging operations across 11 Categories. He is also accountable for leading Unilever’s central support capabilities in materials technology, customer packaging, sustainability, packaging excellence and design.

Sinan Yuksel, Regional Brand Manager - Head & Shoulders EMEA & Digital Marketing for total CEE Hair Care Portfolio, Procter & Gamble

Sinan is currently leading world's #1 shampoo brand H&S at EMEA Region as regional brand manager at P&G Geneva Europe Head Quarters and also leading digital capabilities for all P&G hair care brands at CEE. He is a passionate brand builder with versatile experience at all aspects of marketing that includes different roles at brand management, digital marketing, media/communication planning and marketing capability over 7 years at P&G. He has deep experience at beauty industry and worked across many iconic brands such as Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Wella , Olay , Gillete Venus , Crest , Always. In addition to his professional experience he has a masters degree at Marketing Communications, married with another passionate marketer at P&G and has 2 children.

Irina Barbalova, Global Head of Beauty & Personal Care Research, Euromonitor International

Irina Barbalova heads up the global research programme for Beauty and Personal Care at Euromonitor International, which she joined in 1999.
Euromonitor is the leading provider of global strategic intelligence on consumer markets, with global office presence and in-country analysts worldwide. With over 40 years’ experience, Euromonitor is unrivalled in its capabilities and widely recognized as the industry standard, providing business solutions to the world’s leading FMCG multinationals. Euromonitor’s flagship online Beauty Passport service has close to 300 subscribers, including a majority of the leading beauty players from the entire value chain.
Irina drives the content, quality and evolution of Euromonitor’s Beauty research, which provides strategic analysis of the global market and in-depth coverage of the industry in more than 80 countries worldwide. Irina leads the industry research teams to provide high-quality insights and opinion to Euromonitor’s client base, as well as the wider beauty business community.

Anagnosti Tsoukala, Head of Sustainability, Apivita

Anagnosti John Choukalas or how friends call him – Taso, joined the APIVITA Hive back in 2004 after having a cup of Greek mountain tea with the founders. As an environmental biologist he was inspired by them and their love for nature. As a passionate individual he was moved by their passion for what they do. He understood the dream and the journey that leads to it so I decided to unconditionally hop on board. They says that bees only fly about 4-6 km away from the Hive. The APIVITA “bees” are unique and with no limitations, they constantly are in search for new pastures and valleys full of ‘flowers and trees”. The past 10 years Taso has learned that when you dream the unachievable and you achieve then you will dream again. He started as a product manager in the marketing department then moved to the helm of the Supplies and Purchases Department. In 2008 he was given the honor to lead the New Business Development and the Corporate Social Responsibility team which beats at the heart of APIVITA. Today Anagnosti John Choukalas is delighted to head the Sustainability team of APIVITA.
It’s all about the journey and that is why he joined the APIVITA family: nature and science, tradition and innovation, society and culture, human relations and ethical business, values and people all in harmony delivering great natural products and services, environmental and social messages to the global community. He believes that this is beyond any cause and this is why consciously, willingly and most of all passionately I fly back to the hive every day for more “bee dancing” and “nectarful” adventurous journeys.
Raising the awareness to environmental and natural product consciousness of colleagues, suppliers and business associates, friends and family provides a very tangible benefit in the life of Anagnosti John Choukalas. “ I just feel like APIVITA is the place where I can be my best, deliver great work and give back to society and nature in the process.” Says Anagnosti John Choukalas.

Valerie Hoecke, VP Digital Experience & Commerce, LVMH, Benefit Cosmetics

After more than 15 years leading account management and strategic services, dishing out advice at interactive agencies, Valerie Hoecke is finally getting a taste of her own medicine. Fortunately, it comes with a spoonful of sugar at Benefit Cosmetics, where the tagline is "Laughter is the best cosmetic, so grin and wear it." Valerie presently serves as the VP Digital Experience & Commerce at Benefit Cosmetics, a global prestige cosmetics company, one of the LVMH brands. At Benefit, Valerie is responsible for the growth of the brand's global ecommerce channel, for sales through a variety of 3rd party ecommerce channel partners, and for all digital media strategy and online marketing for Benefit. Immediately before joining Benefit, Valerie served as the General Manager for Method San Francisco, a brand experience agency, and before that as VP Client Services or VP Strategy for a number of interactive agencies.

Alain Mavon, Skin Research Director, Oriflame Cosmetics AB, @AlainMavon

Dr Mavon has spent 20 years in the cosmetics industry and joined Oriflame in 2009. Previous to his appointment to Oriflame, he worked for 12 years at Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique, Toulouse France With an in-depth knowledge of skin physiology and expertise in skin delivery and metabolism, he is currently focused on understanding and combatting the signs of ageing both at consumer and molecular level. He is heading a research team focusing into discovery of innovative anti-ageing active technologies from natural sources, including plant stem cells. He has published more than 50 scientific publications and is the holder of several patents. Dr Mavon earned a master’s degree in Biochemistry and a doctorate degree from the Department of Dermatology at the University Hospital of Besancon, France, under the Direction of Pr P.Agache.

Roberto Leonardi, Former R&D Director Raw Materials, Analytics and Quality Assurance, Revlon

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Technologist and Pharmacist for education, approached Personal Care Industry from Quality Control side, working at a leading Italian company in skin care professional market (cosmetics and beauty devices for professional beauticians). Took responsibility for Regulatory, Quality Assurance (ISO9000) and R&D Formulation in the subsequent few years.
Moved to Revlon, in charge of Quality Assurance and Control, Regulatory and Qualified Person for Italian plant (hair dyes manufacturing) for Italian Marketing Development Centers and for Italian hair products market (Brands: Revlon, Revlon Professional, Intercosmo, Biopoint, Natural Honey, American Crew, Roux). In charge of technical liason and support for Licensing Manufacturing Customers in Turkey and Egypt.
Joint The Colomer Group at its foundation, maintaining previous responsibilities and adding R&D New Products Development and Formulation for Italian based Brands of hair care (Intercosmo, Biopoint) and for start up of New Brands (Orofluido).
Moved in 2009 from regional responsibilities to R&D Global Director Raw Materials, Process Development, Analyticals. Leading teams in Spain, USA, Mexico and Italy. Took in 2011 the responsibility of Global Quality Assurance too.
After the acquisition of The Colomer Group by Revlon in 2013, worked for the integration of the two R&D Organizations.
Currently engaged in confidential projects of innovation for leading multinational companies in professional hair care market.

Jean-Luc Guichard, Manager Business Development, Health & Nutrition Europe, Gelita

Jean luc Guichard has been working in the food ingredient industry for 19 years. he joined Gelita, world Gelatin Leader, 11 years ago where he has been responsible for the sales in the south Western Europe. Since beginning of 2013 he was appointed as Gelita Health and Nutrition Business Development Manager for Europe.

Veronique Stephan, Sales & Business Development Director, Johnson & Johnson

Veronique Stephan started her career by McKinsey & Co. She than joined the cosmetic company L’Oréal in a Marketing position before participating to the build up of an Internet Start-up and leading its Marketing Departement. After the sale of the Start-up to one of the biggest European player, she pursued her career with Johnson & Johnson a healthcare company where she is now responsible for a Business Unit managing several Eastern European Countries.y.

Gladys Ouédraogo, Ph.D, Pharm.D. Scientific Officer L’Oréal Research & Innovation

Jul 2010 – present: L’Oreal advanced research, Predictive models and methods development Department; Aulnay sous bois - France. Scientific Officer (managing research collaborations with external partners to develop predictive methods, representing the company in different organizations)

Celia Delahalle, Marketing and Communication Director, Yves Rocher

Celia has over 14 years of International experience, mostly in marketing & Finance. She started her career in the USA before moving to France with KPMG in audit. In 2002, she entered the group Yves Rocher to work in the finance and then marketing department in Mexico city for 5 years. In 2008, She became Marketing and communication Director for Yves Rocher Italia.
She is driven by constant learning, challenge and improving through innovation. She is specialized in 2 main channels: Direct Selling & Retail, and her main focus in Italy has been implementing a new marketing business model, price strategies & promotional strategy within the multichannel environment of Yves Rocher Italia. She also helped as consultant other countries of the Yves Rocher group. In Italy, Yves Rocher has currently dramatically increased its sales in the last 6 years in Italy on both channels, succeeding in doubling its sales.
In addition to her professional experience, she is graduated from ESC Rouen with honor, and hold a Global Executive MBA in the top 5 Business school: IESE. She is completely fluent in French, English, Italian and Spanish.


Sopheon  partners with customers to provide complete Enterprise Innovation Performance solutions including software, expertise, and best practices to achieve exceptional long-term revenue growth and profitability.

Sopheon’s Accolade® solution provides unique, fully-integrated coverage for the entire innovation management and new product development lifecycle.  For the first time, businesses can access a single source of the truth across Strategic Innovation Planning, Roadmapping, Idea and Concept Development, Process and Project Management, and Portfolio and In-Market Management.

Sopheon’s solutions have been implemented by over 200 customers with over 60,000 users in over 50 countries.

Color management solutions for the cosmetics industry

Color is at the center of health and beauty opportunity, now more than ever. From perfecting a look, introducing a new line, or developing packaging that catches customer eyes, color must be precise, repeatable, and measurable. Companies that can provide this assurance will realize their opportunities sooner and make lasting impressions with their customers.

X-Rite Pantone, the leader in color management solutions, offers a range of instruments, software, services and standards for the cosmetics industry, from industrial manufacture to point-of-sale.  X-Rite has the technology, experience, and global presence to effectively monitor color at all stages of production. For half a century we have been at the forefront of color measurement innovation and continue to introduce solutions that enhance color performance while simplifying color analysis and correction.

The X-Rite family of products has earned a reputation for ease of use, reliability, and durability that makes it a preferred choice for companies anywhere in the world.

Sponsorship options.

Only at the innoCos conference will the highest-level decision makers be attending in one place at one time. They will evaluate products and services and will be looking to short list potential suppliers.

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We have a range of business development / marketing and sales solutions that will be tailored to specifically deliver on your business objectives. For more details, call +31 643001954 or email


Established in 1972, Euromonitor International is the world leader in strategy research for consumer markets. In September 2013 we won the prestigious Private Business of the Year Award.
As an independent company, we offer unmatched detail and unbiased content for every region, country, category and channel. From socio-economic context to intimate detail on the smallest products or markets, Euromonitor provides market research and surveys focused on your organisation’s needs.
Our extensive network of analysts in 80 countries provides the depth of global, national and local business information required in today’s increasingly international business environment. Emerging countries or developed economies: we identify the next opportunity before anyone else.
With offices around the world and market research on every key trend and driver, we give you powerful access to the real story behind consumer change.



Beauty Business, Brand Impact for Brand Owners. GCI is the business information resource for global marketers, brand managers, manufacturers and executives in the global beauty industry. Industry professionals look to GCI for actionable information, insights and data that translate into brand impact.

beautypress – the first international PR Network for the beauty sector

Taking PR to a new dimension with a strategic communication tool used by over 470 leading international and local brands to connect directly with 5500 beauty editors across the US, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France, beautypress serves as a professional resource for the beauty editorial community.

This unique platform is an efficient tool for brands to generate more press coverage in media ranging from prestige magazines, websites, newspapers, TV and blogs, or to create an introductory market presence.

Communication and relationship building between brands and the press is dramatically increased through beautypress by using it's newsletter distribution capabilities, PR material achieving in individually branded press rooms and the intensive use of social media.


BW Confidential - The inside view on the beauty and wellness industry

BW Confidential is a trade publication providing news, analysis and commentary on the international beauty, spa and wellness industries. BW Confidential is published by Paris-based multimedia company Noon Media.

Founded and organized by Laure de Carayon, China Connect is the largest gathering of experts on Chinese consumer trends, marketing, digital and mobile in Europe. This unique event is reaching out to an audience of top-level European marketing & digital decision makers from luxury, cosmetics, fashion, retail, FMCG, Food&Beverages, automotive, services, communication, media and the international press focusing on the Chinese market.

More information about next China Connect event  here.

WEBpackaging Web Site


is a leading global media platform that actively connects packaging professionals. WEBpackaging is the first place buyers of packaging go when looking for solutions and the first place suppliers of packaging go when promoting their products.


Are you a magazine, publication or online resource providing information for the cosmetics and personal care industry and would like to be one of our select media partners?

To discuss partnership possibilities please contact - Lisanne Vos: Phone: +31 70 3002122

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Heaven of calm and understated privacy

Superbly located within Rome's most upscale residential area, between the green expanse of the Borghese gardens and the historical reminiscences of Valle Giulia and the Borghese Gallery, the Aldrovandi Villa Borghese is one of the most desirable premises in Rome within walking distance from extraordinary venues as the Spanish Steps and Via Veneto.

This grand 19th-century ivory villa dressed in marble and dripping chandeliers is an independent, family run property, recently refurbished to render it one of the undisputed sought-after addresses in Rome. A former convent with its own private park of colourful exotic vegetation, outdoor heated pool and garden fine-dining, this palatial retreat radiates its distinctive atmosphere full of history and rich traditions. An elegant and graceful oasis of endless relax where guests can indulge in the soothing atmosphere and incomparable amenities of a resort while staying in the heart of the city.