Our picks for beauty marketing trends and predictions for 2015

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2015 predictions

Makeup as Skincare

At the end of this year, we started to see more long-wear makeup products that boasted powerful treatments—think antioxidant-packed foundations and anti-aging concealers. This is only the beginning.

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She’s Come Undone

The most popular look in beauty right now is … a lack of one. Skin care now matters more than makeup; you’re better off splurging on night cream than concealer. Terms like glowing, radiant, no-makeup and natural make headlines galore.

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Your “went to the gym and skipped the shower” look is now chic. Chanel has debuted an athletic-themed lineup, Alexander Wang’s H&M collection combines couture and sport, Net-a-Porter launched a Net-a-Sporter channel ($250 yoga jumpsuit, anyone?) and the hippest store in the Hamptons sells workout wear. Tory Burch, the princess of pulled-together, is coming out with a sport line in early 2015, and Beyoncé announced a partnership with Topshop for an athletic streetwear brand. Indeed, sneakers have replaced stilettos as every style maven’s favorite footwear. Denim sales are down (and yoga pants are up). The new athleisure is part of our healthier (but hectic) lifestyle: We prioritize working out, but we’re too busy to change. Or we just want approval to wear elastic waistbands around our ever-expanding midsections.


Online Beauty Gurus are Replacing In-Store Advisors

Only 24 percent of heavy buyers indicated that they prefer to shop in stores with in-store beauty advisors. It’s likely that buyers are increasingly turning to online beauty advice that they access through social media. 42 percent of heavy buyers say that social media is very important in making their purchasing decisions. Cosmetic blogs (29%) and YouTube (23%) were the most popular resources among these involved buyers.

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Brands Will Get Emotional

Successful brands will need to identify emotional values in their categories and use them as a foundation for meaningful positioning, differentiation, and authentic storytelling.

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Visual blog posts drive 180 percent more engagement.”

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Telling Tales

Every brand has not just one but multiple stories to tell. Good stories keep surprising us; we become hooked and want to know ‘what happens next?’.

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Keeping up with the demands of content releases can be difficult in your day-to-day routine. Often, unique content production can get pushed to the bottom of your to-do list, resulting in a bland brand presence that doesn’t offer anything interesting to your audience.

This year, create content that cuts through the noise by focusing on niche opportunities and audience interests. Stay focused and organized with content calendars by keeping a close eye on industry trends.

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Humor Will Gain in Marketing

Humor is already more likely to go viral, but it’s usually used in a non-informative, non-professional context. Marketers who want to get noticed should begin using this strategy in their content.

Millennials are a purchasing generation, and they love to research their purchases. Studies show that 50 pecent of them use four or more sources of information before making a decision to buy. However, they are also more likely to respond to humor, transparency, and vulnerability than to a slick sales pitch.

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Social networks will serve as shopping platforms.

Over the last several years, brands have used social media to market their products, talk to customers, and even make merchandising decisions; but in the coming months, we anticipate merchants to add “selling” to the list of things they can do on social sites.

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