How to win #beauty20 Awards in three simple steps

January 6, 2015 POSTED UNDER: beauty20,innocos

who will win #beauty20

Are you a Head of Digital Marketing/ eCommerce / Communication? Or maybe you are a popular Beauty Blogger?

Would you like to get recognition for the all your hard work in 2014-2015?
Now you can! We offer you a chance to win the #beauty20 Award 2015 in London on March 18 2015 and Los Angeles on June 25 2015!

Here are 3 simple steps explaining how:

1. Go to and nominate your brand to your strongest category, choose from:

2. Add more nominations for as many categories as you think you can win. You got until 23 of January 2015. Top 5 finalists from each category will be announced 0n February 3rd.

3. Come to London on March 18 to celebrate, pick up the Award and network with the most successful digital marketing and e-Commerce directors at innoCos digital! Places are limited! Prices start at £495. Are you a beauty startup (less than 5 years old)? Ask here a special rates.

Here are few tips you may find useful:

1. Please note, the number of nominations does not influence the decision of judges in the first stage. One nomination per category is enough. Your votes will be needed in the second stage of nominations – VOTING, after the top 5 finalists from each brand will be selected. We will inform all the finalists about the next step.

2. Explain well why you should win, including support documents may increase your chances. Help judges to not miss any of your successes with nominated categories.

3. Keep in mind when placing your nominations that our judges will be using following criterias to select the top 5 finalists from each nominated categories:

We wish you all success and hope to see you in London or LA!

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Save the dates: next event is in Los Angeles, June 25 2015.

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