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Leader of the Year Awards 2018

Nominations are Open for Leader of the Year Award 2018 by INNOCOS events

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The Leader of the Year Award has been created by INNOCOS events to recognize honour managers and leaders in the Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry who have significantly contributed to the success of their company by developing, enhancing and expanding the practice of innovation. The Award draws applicants from a wide range of companies within the cosmetics and personal care industry: beauty brands and retailers, packaging, raw material suppliers and other organizations involved in contributing to the value chain of bringing cosmetics to consumers.

Award Categories

– The Most Successful Leader in Marketing

– The Most Successful Leader in R&D

– The Most Successful Leader in Packaging

– The Most Successful Leader in Retail

– The Most Successful Indie Brand Founder

Eligibility & Requirements

This award will be presented to an outstanding Innovation Leader who has contributed to a culture of innovation, demonstrated a unique approach with a strong potential impact and stimulated team members to innovate. Nominees must currently hold a leadership position and lead a team within the organization and have either innovated a service/process, developed a product innovation or brought it to market. Nominations are open for leaders in the cosmetics and personal care value chain, from raw material suppliers to retailers.

Applicants must present accomplishments related to the nominee’s current position.

All candidates will be judged based on following 3 criteria:

-Innovation: Is the candidate’s contribution new to the world, new to the industry or a renovation?

-Impact: How does the innovation result in fundamental changes to the industry, consumer, organization?

-Strategy and Tools: How has the innovation contributed to meeting the strategy of the organization, business unit or department and what tools, method or approach and did the nominee use to drive innovation?

Nominate here

Application Timeline

Online applications are now opened; applications are due 31st March 2018.

Application Process

Please complete the online form to submit your final application: www.leaderoftheyearaward.com.  Upon completion, you will be sent a confirmation message.


All award content, including the identity of applicants, will be held in strict confidence and used only by the award judges in the judging process.

Steering Committee/Judges

An international panel of experts from complementary industries with a specialization in Leadership, Strategy & Innovation and who have experience working with/in the cosmetics and/or personal care industry, will review the applications and select the top finalists and winners in each category. Judges will be announced shortly.

Judging Process

The judging process will be conducted in two phases:

Phase 1: Finalist Selection-March 31st – April 15th

A team of judges will read each application and rank the nominees based on detailed evaluation criteria. The judges will then meet (online/offline between April 1-5th) to discuss ranking and select a set of three finalists from each category for the next phase.

Phase 2: Finalist Interviews-April 22nd – May 15th

A team of judges will interview the finalists and then meet (online/offline) to pick the winner. Finalists will be notified in advance so that they can prepare for the interviews. The finalists and judges will be invited to attend the INNOCOS summit in June for the awards ceremony www.innocossummit.com


The finalists will be officially announced in April. A press release will accompany both announcements. The winners will be formally recognized at an Awards Dinner. Press interviews of the winners will be arranged during the day of the INNOCOS Summit in Florence.

The leader of the Year Awards organisers and the judges reserve the right to withdraw the award from a nominee who does not attend – or is not represented by a member of the team at the awards ceremony.

For award-related questions

Please fill in the Awards Nomination Form and submit before March 31st, 2018: www.leaderoftheyearaward.com. If you have any questions, please contact Irina Kremin: ikremin@innocosevents.com

We wish you the best of luck and look forward to your application.







February 4-6 2018, INNOCOS North America, SLS South Beach Miami, USA

June 14-15, 2018, INNOCOS World, Grand Hotel Mediterraneo, Florence, Italy



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