The Future of Beauty Begins NOW

The world around us, largely due to the evolution of technology, is changing more rapidly than ever before. While the speed of change can be daunting, it is also a very exciting time for innovators, marketers and strategists. This session will help put the future in context. We’ll look at a handful of major technological and social developments, each with the potential to unlock tremendous opportunities for innovation in the world of beauty. Some topics for consideration include: “Cybrids” (the huge market behind Millennials), advancements in virtual and augmented reality, our “green-to-blue” model of value chain sustainability, and the future of not just 3D…but 4D printing technology. In the end, the future will be less about incremental innovation, and more about true imagination. Prepare to leave this session, ready to dive in to the rest of the agenda…and galvanized for the future.