Jamie Johns

Director of Merchandising, Birchbox

Jamie Johns is the Director of Merchandising at Birchbox, the pioneering beauty subscription service. A graduate of Columbia University and a Fulbright scholar, she joined Birchbox in 2014 after falling in love with Birchbox as a subscriber herself. Disrupting the top-down approach of the beauty industry, Birchbox uses customer data to create targeted and personalized beauty discovery boxes for an underengaged yet valuable consumer. Balancing market trends with a truly customer centric approach, Jamie works at the intersection of brands and customers. Through strategic sampling, education, and sales campaigns for both reference and niche brands, she has grown the business penetration and perspective of the skincare division at Birchbox.

Beauty Buff or Beauty Casual: Are you talking to the right customer?

The Beauty Industry has had to become more customer centric, but brands still largely fight for the same customer: The Beauty Buff ★ There's a valuable, underserved customer out there: The Beauty Casual ★ She is a customer driven by purpose, not passion, and brand success will depend on speaking to her more effectively ★ To do this, brands need to learn how to break through the endless chatter of influencers and new launches to create a real connection with her