Nhu Le

Founder and CEO, Finding Ferdinand

Nhu Le is the brilliant Founder and inventor of Finding Ferdinand, a super fun, innovative and interactive beauty brand based in New York City.

Her signature product is a 16-shade lip color palette (100% nontoxic, of course) that you can blend to create +35,000 custom colors. When you make a color that you love, submit the combination of shades to FindingFerdinand.com, and they’ll send it to you in a tube. (Bonus: When you buy the palette, they send it with a code for a free custom color.)

Nhu is an all-around champion of women! She sponsored liftUPlift: The Photoshoot last March. Last October, she teamed-up with three other change-making boss babes from NYC to launch NUDE House, a popup concept store that showcased products from female entrepreneurs!

Beauty isn’t one-size-fits-all

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