Raquel Wing

Founder and Managing Director, The Clean Hub

Raquel is a former wealth management professional whose career spans more than seven years with global banking giants Morgan Stanley and UBS. When pursuing her Masters of Business Administration (MBA) full-time in 2015/2016, Raquel realized her calling: to support up-and-coming clean beauty brands to scale and become more accessible to consumers all over the world.

Driven by the desire to bring greater awareness to consumers concerned with transparency and accountability in the beauty industry, the California-born and bred entrepreneur founded The Clean Hub, the world’s first digital accelerator program for clean beauty companies. The program launched in January of 2018 and now has over 150 clean beauty brands in its program.

Catching the Eye of the Beauty Brand Investor

Create a unique selling point or brand story (your differentiator) ★ Establish a following through social media (prove your solution has traction in the market) ★ Identify the size of the opportunity in your market sector ★ Devise a strong and organized business strategy (complete with team, financials and marketing plan)