Shadi Samra

Regional Manager, Arabian Oud

Born in Damascus, 1975, Shadi completed his bachelor degree in English Literature at Damascus University in 2000 before he moved to Dubai to start his retail career in Damas, the reputed name in the jewellery industry.

In 2002, Shadi Joined Arabian Oud as a member of the development team, working closely with the decision makers in the company, something that gave him the chance to gain experience in the fragrance field.

Being in the industry for more than 15 years, Shadi is forming an integral part of the company’s future development, especially in the field of new projects / products.

Having moved through different positions, he is now a Regional Manager in Arabian Oud and is on a continuous search for everything new; tracking new launches and trends in the fragrance industry, hence, he has a very close look on the fragrance market.

Shadi has a wide experience on developing products, market trends and marketing research.

Regional Manager

Arabian Oud

The Future of Fragrance

Cutting through the clutter of new launches and creating a USP (for upscale niche players) The environmentally-responsible fragrance brand Personalization within fragrance The new unisex: shared/genderless fragrance Novel ways to sample to consumers (inv. Scentbird, Phlur) Fragrance trends in the Middle East