Why (and How) We Rebranded INNOCOS



In 2010, all you could hear about the beauty industry was the rise of multi sensorial consumers, online reviews competition with retailers, new herb based ingredients on the rise. INNOCOS was then born on the timeless need for consumer to find in skincare, make up and perfume to need to reveal their inner beauty.
Fast forward 2016, digital storytelling, niche brands rising, K beauty and Milennials spending power, and the gender issue, are now shattering the conversation. Revealing inner beauty has transitioned towards revealing one’s identity crisis. It is in those time that INNOCOS summit has become an exclusive world class gathering of not only retailers and suppliers but innovators, branding experts and thought leaders committed to collectively answer the “why’s” and the “how’s” of the industry from Korea, China, USA, France, Japan, Turkey…

This year INNOCOS summit 2016 East meets West theme is iconized by our collaboration with award winning New-York,  Shanghai based branding agency Creative Capital.

We are happy to present our new brand identity powered by Creative Capital, whose vision for INNOCOS is to leverage today’s language of feminism.

INNOCOS before:after

Rethinking the icon: diamond of prism.
Enlarged, dominant yet minimalist, the diamond serves as a literal symbol of strength.
Multifaceted, changing, the diamond is a prism revealing inner beauty.

New colors: quartz & serenity.
INNOCOS transforms from the strong pink color to today’s unisex blend of pale rose and light blue. New colors reflect the beauty consumer’s quest for social consciousness and wellness as well as an empowering sense of mixed identities.

New York based Creative Capital’s Managing Partner, Tanguy Chen Laurent, says: “By researching into lifestyle, fashion, art, industries we gathered a unique graphic universe called Wellness Beauty that mixes hues of blues and pinks as symbols of gender equality. Funny enough – Pantone selected the same tone and hues for colors of the year, saying, “blurring the line of gender”.

We are truly excited with our new collaboration with CC New York, who worked with us on aligning our new branding with the latest direction in beauty and reflecting the new beauty consumer (who is the main focus of all our events).

Come at Tanguy Chen Laurent’s upcoming talk and interactive workshop on how to innovate East meets West beauty narrative at INNOCOS Vienna on June 9th. This  workshop will help innovating the narrative for the creation of new brands by understanding the past case studies, looking outside of beauty brands, and applying CC unique’s brand platform process for new brand creations on East meets West.

Our new rebranded PDF brochure here


Creative Capital, is the first award winning made in China, international branding agency, headquartered in Shanghai and New York City. CC’s fast development and high client return rate is supported by a unique 360° storytelling approach from digital to retail. Clients include, Dom Perignon, Martell, Lenovo, P&G, Lancome, Yves Rocher, Saint James among others China’s market leading brand, Inoherb, Beauty Plus, Maysu…