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March 2, 2020
Scottsdale, AZ

Today, on March 2nd, an inaugural Blue Beauty Awards took place in the stylish Omni Hotel Scottsdale during the INNOCOS summit, a leadership event that celebrates beauty innovation for C- and VP- level leaders in the diverse global beauty industry.

“The Blue Beauty awards coming from collaboration with Jeannie Jarnot from Beauty Heroes,” says Irina Kremin, the Managing Director of INNOCOS events. We bound at our events and found that we have a common passion about the environment and inspiring businesses and individuals to take actions that put the planet first. And this is how an idea about Blue Beauty awards came. We did not need much time to convince each other, no time to waste!”

Beauty Heroes defines Blue Beauty as initiatives that go beyond being green, sustainable and ocean-friendly, but contribute back to the environment, shifting attitudes and innovating in areas that change the way we currently manufacture, source and market beauty and personal care products.

Over the past six months, Beauty Heroes and INNOCOS have solicited entries for blue beauty innovation in the categories of Environmental Impact, Packaging Innovation and Zero-Waste Beauty. After much deliberation, Beauty Heroes founder, Jeannie Jarnot arrived at the winners in each category, with a three-way tie in the Environmental Impact category.

And today we are proud to present the results with the winners:

Aether Beauty, Winner for Zero Waste Beauty Innovation

Aether arrived at the market with a completely zero-waste eyeshadow palette. Using uncoated paper, recyclable aluminium pans and foregoing mirrors, magnets and other components, Aether demonstrated, for the very first time, that it is possible to manufacture beauty that is both functional, formula forward, engaging for the customer and zero-waste. Founder Tiila Abbitt has dedicated her company to find a way to make beauty packaging that does not compromise experience and be 100% biodegradable or readily recyclable. This innovation has raised the standard for and shaped the next evolution of beauty packaging.

Kypwell, Winner for Packaging Innovation

Kypwell launched cork cased packaging for their skincare line in January 2020 made from cork manufacturing scraps. These cases use upcycled cork scraps that are formed into the cases that house their products. The cases can then be composted or upcycled into pots for micro-greens or mini plants. Or, Kypwell will take the cases back for a discount on your next product. Kypwell’s cork casing showcases an innovative way to package beauty that is attractive, functional and sustainable and communicates the company’s value for the environment, and the customer. This type of innovation in packaging will inspire other companies to adopt unique biodegradable packaging that communicates the story of the product, the brand and helps consumers connect through their shared values.

Honua Skincare, Teadora and True Moringa tie for Innovation in Environmental Impact
This award is being shared by three beauty companies that have made an environmental impact the focal point of their companies, impacting communities and the environment in Hawaii, Brazil and Ghana.

Honua Skincare works directly with local farms on the Hawaiian Islands, identifying endangered botanicals and traditional farming methods and applying their resources towards regenerating both the plant and farmer. Through their efforts in seed collecting, re-planting and investing in equipment and resources to support sustainable agriculture in Hawaii. To date, they have supported local farmers of heirloom turmeric, native sandalwood, vetiver, taro and kukui nuts. In addition, Honua Skincare works with local Hawaiian non-profits to support clean-up efforts of the Hawaiian Islands regularly, as a part of their contribution back to the islands where they source the majority of their ingredients.

Teadora works with women-owned local harvesting communities in the Amazon basin, where the majority of their ingredients are sourced, taking special care to pay these communities above market as well as find ways to keep more money in the community so the forest is worth more standing and less susceptible to illegal mining and lumber harvesting. Teadora has invested a portion of their profits into initiatives that directly impact the environment such as building a solar-powered film studio in the Amazon rainforest where indigenous leaders can preserve their knowledge of plants, record events and vital knowledge about endangered plants and farming practices and building a series of solar-powered seedling nurseries.

Since 2013, True Moringa has planted over two million moringa trees in Ghana using solar-powered irrigation. Moringa trees absorb more than 20x the carbon dioxide of natural vegetation, thrive in arid climates and require little water. Every part of the moringa tree can be used; the seeds for a nutrient-rich beauty oil and ingredient, the leaves for nutritious food and the waste for fertilizer and animal feed and the flocculant to aid in water purification. In addition to the positive environmental impact of the trees, the company has created over 100 non-farm jobs that would typically be applied towards other extractive industries. True Moringa processes moringa oil as a raw ingredient for other companies as well as their own, and plants a tree for each order for their moringa-based skincare line that is sold in Pharmaca and Whole Foods amongst other outlets.  True Moringa’s goal is to inspire other supply chains to adopt this impact model that makes a measurable positive impact on our environment.

Winners of the Blue Beauty Awards have been acknowledged at a special ceremony at the INNOCOS Summit in Scottsdale on Monday, March 2nd and received an award as well as the opportunity to work with Beauty Heroes on a dedicated collaboration that will tell their unique Blue Beauty story and share their innovation directly with consumers.

“Innovation within this half-trillion-dollar industry comes in all forms, and it’s only natural that INNOCOS would want to continue acknowledging innovation in sustainability and what we refer to as Blue Beauty.” – say Irina Kremin. “We believe that every business and individuals need to take actions that put the planet first.”

“The main goal for this awards – continuing Jeannie Jarnot,  is not only celebrating the business and initiatives that are already making an effort to leave the plant better but also helping consumers find and support those brands and inspire the industry to do better. We think that when companies see brands making positive decisions for the environment and being recognized for that, it pushes the industry forward and encourages others to take action.”

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