Attacking Disposability

We are so excited to have Terracycle will speak about the circular economy and zero waste beauty

We are thrilled to introduce Tony Rossi, VP Loop Global Business Development, Loop, (TerraCycle Company), who will be talking at INNOCOS Scottsdale about solutions to our single-use crisis.

With climate change picking up momentum and becoming a bigger regulatory and consumer priority, Loop is hailed as a hero as major corporations are now collaborating with Loop to reduce their environmental impact through a truly reusable packaging program. Tony Rossi, VP of Global Business Development shares what it’s like to launch an initiative of this magnitude, and what the cultural shift towards reusability means for your marketing strategy.

Next, Jillian Wright, Co-Founder, Indie Beauty Media will facilitate in a panel of new sustainable brands, together with Jeannie Jarnot from Beauty Heroes, with more participants: Tiila Abbitt, Founder, Aether Beauty; Kate Westad, Founder, Palette and Ashley Prange Founder & CEO, Au Naturale Cosmetics

On March 2nd, at Omni Hotel Scottsdale, join us to celebrate The Blue Beauty Award, recognizing a brand or product that is innovative in its sustainability and ability to make a positive impact on the environment.

INNOCOS created this category in collaboration with Jeannie Jarnot, Beauty Heroes, a leading healthy beauty retailer and discovery platform leading the Blue Beauty movement.

More information and how to register go here>>>

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