Best practices of sensational packaging.

We are excited to announce that this year just before the INNOCOS summit in Lisbon, on June 28 at Myriad by SANAhotel, we’ll be adding a first of a kind exclusive mini seminar focused on packaging where our Secret Speaker, a beauty industry packaging development expert, will cover all the essential steps necessary to design, develop, and execute packaging that meets brand image, consumer needs, and financial and business requirements.  This seminar is perfect for anyone who is responsible for package design and development for their brands.  Below are just some of the topics that will be covered in this brief yet powerful mini-seminar:
Key takeaway: 
  1. Thorough understanding of all the phases of the package design and development process
  2. Learn best practices for developing packaging that embodies your brand image and resonates with your customers
  3. Introduction to the open innovation process and available resources
  4. Roundtable discussions where participants get to discuss their specific needs and get solutions
  5. Live demonstration of innovation exercises
June 30 2017, Myriad hotel by SANA
15:00 Presentation of package development process (60 mins)
16:00 Case study illustrating best practices in design (30 mins)
16:30 Roundtable open forum to address specific needs of participants (60 mins)
17:30 Innovation exercise to generate packaging ideas (30 mins)
18:00 End
Tickets are at €295 each and €195 for delegates of INNOCOS, register here
Our speaker for this seminar is a Beauty Packaging thought leader with over 15 years of experience working with various multinational companies. He has extensive knowledge in the package design and development and open innovation spaces and has a proven track record of executing many successful launches for a globally recognizable brand such as Maybelline, Garnier, MAC, and more. His vast knowledge in the Color Cosmetics, Personal Care, Haircare, Skincare, and OTC/Nutrition categories make him a perfect person to lead this seminar and answer any specific questions you may have about packaging.




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