Announcing Blue Beauty Webinar Series

Next Webinar: Fireside Chat with Laurence Caisey, Founder of Freedge Beauty. Game Changing Plant-Based Beauty with Freedge

The beauty industry is cleaning up its act. Legacy brands are reformulating with clean ingredients and repackaging with more sustainable materials. Emerging brands are being developed to meet the most stringent criteria in the industry. But experts agree that more must be done. What is beyond clean and green?

Hosted by INNOCOS and facilitated by Jeannie Jarnot, Founder of Beauty Heroes and leader of the Blue Beauty movement.

Tune in to our weekly webinar, Blue Beauty, and hear from the industry’s leading brand founders, entrepreneurs and thought leaders about the future of beauty, and how they are building businesses that leave the planet better, and bluer, than they found it. From zero-waste packaging to regenerative practices, you’ll discover why materials matter, how to make philanthropy the foundation of a profitable business model, and which innovative brands are leading the blue beauty revolution.

In each episode, we’ll share what it takes to be considered for our annual Blue Beauty Award, in partnership with Beauty Heroes.

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