If you will have a cold or show signs of fever, please err on the side of caution and refrain from attending. If upon arrival you show symptoms, we may need to turn you away and will offer a credit note to attend the next summit. Soap and hand sanitizer will be available at the event. Please wash your hands frequently during your stay. Keep a distance of one and a half meters. Let’s have fun but let’s be safe!

You can receive a full refund when you cancel 30 days or longer away from the start of the event. Cancellation requests submitted under 30 days out from the start of the event may not be honored, or only partially refunded. Credit note will be offered in case by case basis.

Given the fluctuating nature of the situation, we strongly recommend you arrange travel- and/or flight cancellation insurance. We are not liable for any cost incurred due to force majeure, and any associated indemnity must be recovered through insurance.

Leadership in Times of COVID-19 Crisis

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