Escape Velocity

This inspiring key note of Jared Weiner, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of The Future Hunters, will be a game changer for those who are wrongfully under illusion that the post-pandemic world will get back to its own ways as if past 6 months had not happened.

It is tempting and comforting to dream of that. But very unrealistic. The crisis exposed enterprises for poor business practices and insufficient risk management as well as concentration on short-term returns on investment.

Jared identifies two effects that will drive further developments resulting from the pandemic – Covid multiplier effect and Covid accelerator effect. Global social unrest, social reboot for the society , change of the role of influencers, accelerating speed of innovation and trend development. Changes in the workforce (robotics, change in design, retail organization, delivery systems), proliferation 3D printing, contactless consumers, auto sourcing – just to name the view.

For the full vision of the future –  half an hour and you will be better informed to handle and plan for the future personally and as a business leader.

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Leadership in Times of COVID-19 Crisis

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