FAQ Leaders of Change Awards


What is Leaders of Change Awards?

  • Leaders of Change Awards by INNOCOS, recognizing beauty and wellness leaders with the ability to influence and enthuse others through personal advocacy, vision and drive in three distinguished categories: sustainability, social impact and industry disruption.

Can I nominate?

  • We invite beauty and wellness industry brands, retailers and their agencies, to nominate their leaders / founders. Although we expect most nominations coming from USA and Europe, the awards are not limited to specific country and awards are international.  Read all rules and deadlines here >

I want to nominate our brand leader. What are the next steps?

  • Here are 3 simple steps explaining how you nominate:
  1. Go to Awards Nomination Form and nominate your leader for its strongest category. Help judges to not miss any of your successes in nominated categories. Self nominations are accepted.
  2. You may add more nominations for maximum categories as you think you can win. You’ve got until December 1, 2020*.
  3. Attend the virtual Awards ceremony in March 2021! Date will be confirmed shortly

How are finalists chosen?

  • The judging panel will select the finalists before the end of 2020. Each judge is assigned a category that are within their specific area of expertise and experience. The judges will receive all the entries online and assign 3 separate scores for: 1) the change, 2) impact, 3) strategy and tools. Points based on these criteria are collected discreetly and added to the total average score.

Can I vote? How are winners chosen?

  • The winner will be determined by the total score assigned by judges. If there’s a tie in the scores of nominees for the finalist place or the winner, the vote of the tie-breaking judge will be used to break the tie.

What do I win?

  • Winners and finalists will benefit from visibility on INNOCOS website, our media partners platforms, press, and social media (primary Linkedin, Youtube and Instagram).

When will the winners be announced?

  • The winners will be announced at the live online event, in March – date will be confirmed shortly.

Do I have to pay for my entry?

  • All submissions are free for INNOCOS Beauty Influence Network members. Non-members will be invoiced US$295 per nominee. If you’d like to submit multiple entries, you’ll have that option at the conclusion of your first submission.
    (For more information about membership, visit https://www.beautyinfluencenetwork.com/)

More questions? Email registration@innocosevents.com

* Deadlines subject to change


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