INNOCOS interview with Nhu Le, Founder and CEO, Finding Ferdinand

– Can you please give a short overview of the services and products Finding Ferdinand provides?

Finding Ferdinand is a platform that allows customers to create their own makeup products through our website and iOS app. You can create your own lipstick colours and build palettes for your face, eyes, and cheek.


How has customisation already been disrupting the beauty market? What exciting tech or products have we seen?

Customization has been done before, but in this day and age, technology is allowing us to offer customization at scale. Customer-centricity is truly taken form as consumers are taking control of how they buy products.

Augmented reality and hyper-personalization technology are two exciting areas that are changing the way products are being sold. Technology is making it easier for customers to find and buy products that cater specifically to them.


Do you predict customisation will have a major impact on the market moving forward? If so, in what ways?

Customization will change the way people expect to be treated, and in turn, that will dramatically affect the future market.

People want to be heard, and they want brands to cater to their individual needs.


– Are beauty brands ready for customisation and its potential? If not, how can they prepare?

Not all beauty brands should be custom. Customization is not the answer for a beauty brand to succeed in the future. It is much more than that. Beauty brands must invest in technology, talent, and culture to promote innovation – which is the real threat.


– Any other thoughts?

To be “Custom” is not enough. A brand must live to serve and value its customer. There are too many choices out there, and if your customer does not feel like they are being valued, they can easily switch brands with a click of a button.


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