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We are living a time when anyone and everything is available at the touch of finger products have become a commodity. Digital technology is transforming consumption habits and giving rise to new behaviours. No matter what you call it “brand experience” or “engagement marketing,” we have witnessed a fundamental shift from competing on product attributes to personalized, data-informed, and technology-enabled immersive marketing.

The business model of the future is the one that seamlessly integrates the best of hospitality, retail services, content and product differentiation. Keeping customers happy, both across the journey and post-purchase, has become an increasingly important consideration for brands.

Success demands listening, engaging, learning, sharing, and reconnecting audience (alt. with consumers) delivering experiences and value beyond the transaction. In an increasingly complicated world, with more channels than ever, the experience is everyone’s responsibility.

Sustainability is no longer a differentiator; it is a requirement. We’ve invited trailblazers of recycling and social enterprise Terracyle and Loop the circular shopping platform designed to eliminate the idea of waste. The Pioneer of the Blue Beauty Movement and Awards Jeannine Jarnott. And the inspiring mind of Donald Robertson who will explore the nuances of creating impactful partnerships.

The clean beauty movement, once a niche trend, has become mainstream but still open to interpretation.

Earning the consumers’ trust is hot on the agenda of companies today. The power of social media cuts both ways make a misstep, and it has the potential to go viral but win the loyalty of consumers, and you build an army of brand evangelists.

52M+ Pinners actively engage with beauty content on Pinterest each month, turning to the visual discovery platform to find the latest beauty ideas and trends. Learn how to leverage the platform in a Master Class.

Technology will continue to play a pivotal role in the global beauty and industry. The need for data and the willingness of consumers to share data in exchange for a better experience is the fuel of personalization and becoming part of the product experience.

We have best in class for beauty tech Modiface and Jennifer Tidy presenting a keynote on the future of AR and AI with beauty and commerce.

In the experience economy, brands and retailers need to adapt or die. Our Retail panel, sponsored by Beauty Barrage, will explore the importance of providing experiences that capture customers in a noisy, crowded digital landscape—and keep those customers coming back.

And don’t forget New Brands to Watch: A panel of the most successful startups, sponsored by our Gold Sponsor Lubrizol.

INNOCOS has partnered with leading beauty media platform BeautyMatter to collaborate on the content programming for the Beauty Innovation Summit in Scottsdale. The strategic partnership has resulted in a dynamic line up of trend forecasting, best practices, thought leadership and inspiration.

Who will be there? Come and see! And don’t forget about the legendary INNOCOS EXPERIENCES, Including the Wellness-inspired Trip to Mii Amo Spa in Sedona and more!

Space is limited to 100 guests. Sure to sell out.  Secure your place now:

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