Andy Mauro

Co-founder and CEO, Automat

Andy is the co-founder and CEO of Automat, a Conversational Marketing Cloud platform that uses AI to allow companies to have personalized one-on-one messaging conversations with their customers to better understand and serve them. The cofounders and team collectively have over 50 years experience and 17 patents in the fields of speech recognition, natural language understanding, virtual assistants and AI. Automat has received investments from You & Mr Jones, Comcast Ventures, Relay and Real Ventures, the Slackbot fund, USAA, and Omidyar Technology Ventures . Their advisory board consists of technology trend spotter Tim O’Reilly, former Chief Creative Officer of TellMe and Nuance Gary Clayton, Richard Socher Chief Scientist at Salesforce, conversational commerce pioneer Chris Messina, founder and CEO of Nuance Ron Croen, and Adobe board member Amy Banse.

Bringing Beauty into the Messaging Age: Conversational Marketing and AI

Advances in AI and consumer adoption of messaging are making it possible for marketers to have personalized one-on- one conversations with their customers. ★ Learn about Conversational Marketing and how it can help brands to get to know their customers as individuals and promote ongoing relationships ★ Gain insight into how consumers interact with conversational marketing applications ★ We’ll share specific KPIs and results achieved for our projects with L’Oréal, Coty and more ★ Learn about the necessary AI capabilities needed to succeed in Conversational Marketing