Beki Hoxha

General Manager, FOREO North America

FOREO announced Beki Hoxha as General Manager of FOREO North America in January 2019. Hoxha was one of the first key hires for the company’s Americas market. He was and continues to be instrumental in the company’s rapid growth. Today, the Swedish beauty-tech company is one of the fastest-growing global challengers in the beauty and wellness industries. FOREO has reached more than 70 countries worldwide and amassed more than 80 international awards since its inception in 2013. The brand revolutionized the “skincare cleansing brush” making it more hygienic, cost-effective, easier to use. The company also brought innovation in the positioning of Skincare Tools within the acquisition segment. The Luna Play was the first entry point into sampling, establishing it as a leader in the beauty tech industry.

Hoxha joined FOREO in March 2014 as the third hire in North America. A trailblazer by nature, he worked his way up to Director of Sales, overseeing the United States and Canada, and later to Director of Business Development for both North and South America, before stepping into the role of General Manager for the company’s North American headquarters. During his five years with FOREO, Hoxha has been an integral part of the growth of FOREO Americas Market that developed from a garage operation to a multi-million dollar brand, shoppable in more than 4200 retail and Professional Spa locations.

In his new role, Hoxha is charged with leading and managing the entire North American market from operations to Sales, Marketing, Brand Partnerships and Creative teams. In the spirit of cultivating self-care for everyone, Hoxha will maximize the company’s retail partnerships by ensuring the continued support of their growth in the ever-evolving beauty industry. He believes it is essential to developing a brand that is adaptable and always forward-thinking. By doing so it maximizes the benefit of both FOREO’s partners and customers that chose to use our innovative products.

A collaborative and passionate leader, Hoxha is continually inspired by the process of discovery – listening and gathering insights from cross-functional teams. Motivated by a need to excel, Hoxha knows how to trust the experts, instil inspiration, listen actively and collaborate effectively. Having managed sales and operations teams in North America of 100-125 people to building teams from the ground up in emerging markets such as Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Peru and Panama, Hoxha’s global leadership qualities ultimately increase employee engagement, a key business driver for organizational success.

In his role as General Manager, Hoxha believes that the most important factor is understanding and harnessing the power of adaptability. Change is the only constant at FOREO. Hoxha’s forward-thinking mindset will be necessary to sustain a culture of innovation with employees.

In 2014, expectations to build FOREO in North America were high. During this time, Hoxha straddled everything from packing and shipping to cold calling and booking meetings with buyers. Unfamiliar with the beauty industry, Hoxha relied heavily on research, basic sales strategies and moreover cultivating meaningful relationships to breakthrough to the gatekeepers and decision-makers. After many months of knocking on doors, the products gave him the opportunity to begin a discussion which would lead him to the next steps towards success. Five years later, Hoxha still remains dedicated to never using any third-party assistance for distribution and expansion. He takes pride in the all-hands-on-deck hustle and journey. In just three short years, Hoxha and his team reached 3500 retail points of sales while FOREO’s professional channel began expanding quickly with more than 1300 spas, 3200 locations directly managed in house.

A self-proclaimed globetrotter, Hoxha has never been afraid of change. In fact, he considers adaptability a skill and sees growth in change. Hoxha was born in Albania, grew up in Greece and Italy and became an adult in the USA. During his days as a corporate banker, he knew he was ready for change, for something more dynamic on a larger international scale. While travelling the world changed his perspective at an early age, keeping family at the core is still the most important constant in his life.


  • 2014: Starting from the ground up – minimal spa distribution
  • Months later with 2000 doors (Sephora, Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman, Ulta,

Neiman Marcus) premium prestige

  • 2016 : in all major and more lifestyle-focused outlets (Riley rose, Urban Outfitter etc.)
  • 2018-2019 : Currently looking into retail strategies that are for everyone, same as our products; 1300 spas and growing.

In a retail world dominated by large private equity companies and massive corporations, Hoxha takes pride in the fact that FOREO in North America alone is a $100+ million dollar brand that is still privately owned by its original founder and CEO, Filip Sedic. Mr. Sedic, has found a way to bring the highest level quality products to consumers while ensuring that they are accessible to all. Furthermore, Mr. Sedic’s mantra not to wait until a market is ready but rather navigate uncharted waters of the beauty and retail worlds has inspired Hoxha’s strategic thinking and leadership style. Hoxha always strives to be first by focusing on how the brand can improve not necessarily based on what the competition is doing but instead focusing on what the consumer wants.

Hoxha’s vision and goals for 2019 onwards are to effectively and efficiently collaborate with FOREO’s retail partners to pioneer the Beauty and Wellness world of the future. Integration of retail partners into FOREO’s product development pipeline will be key. Hoxha’s plans to align on strategies and overall vision will set up the brand and partnerships for success. He believes it’s important to keep the right mix when it comes to prioritizing growth between traditional B&M retail, e-commerce and more innovative channels. The most important part of e-commerce is the globalization aspect, working on adaptation and the improvement of retail environments.

FOREO’s marketing focus for 2019 is to cultivate self-care for everyone. Planning and strategy must be customer-first, not product-focused. In today’s stressful world, FOREO will continue to innovate with a holistic approach, making consumers’ lives easier from a mind, body and soul perspective.

From an organizational perspective, Hoxha wants to continue to grow the team of professionals that make up the FOREO family. Cross-functional alignment and a cohesive mission will be key in measuring impact and ROI. He wants to stimulate the culture, bringing people’s ideas to the table to enable collaboration.

“In order to think differently and pursue individual goals as well as our collective ones as a team it is imperative to embrace our “inner amateur” and clear our minds of preconceptions or rules. This will allow us to not fear failure and furthermore not to follow trends. The ultimate result of such approach will give us the confidence to “‘root around the deeply unusual” and this is where true innovation lies.”

The greatest opportunity for growing FOREO in the United States and Canada lies in the various changing environments – from premium products to premium experiences. Hoxha foresees PRO channel division merging with retail. In a world of instant gratification, new product launches alone won’t bring consumers to stores, but a unique experience will. However, Hoxha believes the experience needs to be personalized, modern and self-sustaining. The offline experience will also need to be simple and instant.

Prior to joining FOREO, Mr. Hoxha worked in business and consumer banking at Wells Fargo and Bank of America from 2009-2014. Beki Hoxha holds a B.A. in Finance and International Business from the University of South Florida.

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