Irina Barbalova

Irina Barbalova heads up the global Beauty industry division at Euromonitor International, which she joined in 1999.

Irina is responsible for the strategic direction and evolution of Euromonitor’s Beauty offering, which provides strategic insights and tactical solutions across 100+ markets worldwide.

As a Global Lead, she focuses on developing expertise and thought leadership through strong commercial engagement and strategy support across the business.

Her most recent focus has been on leading the cross-industry strategic insights agenda and its commercial relevance across the increasingly intersecting health and beauty space.

Before heading up the Beauty industry in 2008, Irina also managed the research programme for the Home Care & Tissue/Hygiene industries for 7 years.

Building brand identity through the lens of the consumer

• Identifying behavioural shifts and new consumption patterns • Six key pillars shaping new consumer expectations • Novel and disruptive brand concepts foster new approach to innovation • Decoding the new consumer mind-set for future brand strategies