The Chinese market facing the corona-virus challenges: evolutions of the business models.

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  • How fashion brands traditional brick-and-mortar faced the shutting of the off-line retail points of sales. Shifting the retail activities from off-line to off-line
  • The growth of O2O platform facing the shortage of resources lead to a new employment model -“shared employees” –
  • The business model evolution of fresh product companies. How to ensure daily fresh product and delivery within locked-down cities
  • Telecommuting: the evolution of the long-distance smart working
  • Education and training: schools and training centres moving from off-line to on-line exploring new channels.
  • Examples of interesting campaigns in China: how to touch the heart of your consumers in a delicate situation by finding the appropriate message.
  • How beauty brands relied on KOL live-streaming to keep connecting with consumers during the crisis.

How effectively dealing with COVID-19, evolution of the business models. from INNOCOS TV on Vimeo.

Leadership in Times of COVID-19 Crisis

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