The Face-Off: Indie vs Big Brand. Call for Panel Submissions.

In today’s industry we see a sociological shift of the beauty consumer: gone is the passive consumer of the past, now consumers are extremely active and make deliberate choices about what products they buy and why. This is fueled largely by the internet, social media, and mobile connectivity. And it’s the indie brands who are at the forefront of this trend, with the larger multinationals carefully observing every move and often buying them up!


So what do they do differently? And what can big brands learn from them?  To reveal these secrets we are excited to announce that we’ll be holding a panel discussion at the INNOCOS summit in Lisbon: The Face-Off: Indie vs Big Brand, where we will invite representatives from both big and indie brands to discuss this topic.


The purpose of this panel is to reveal some of the secrets of success behind two of the beauty industry’s key realms: Indie brands and big brands.  By comparing and contracting best practices between these two distinctive segments we will shed some light on how each of these segments can benefit from utilising behaviours from of the other.


What do indie brands do differently?

  • For starters, indie brands typically offer products that are focused on solving a specific problem such as Lash lengthen, eyebrow taming, etc.
  • When it comes to innovating fast size definitely matters! And Small brands have a flexible and less structured business hierarchy, that enables them to deliver new products to market much quicker
  • Other factors such as social media, which is a cost-effective way of commenting and promoting a brand, give opportunities to new brands to connect with their consumer on a very personal level.


We are looking forward to discovering more secrets of success from both sides: indie and big multinationals and we invite to recommend to us the brands you would like to see on this panel.


Please send your ideas to Irina and don’t forget to register to attend the summit if you like to hear more:




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