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On this photo from left to right: Rolando Zabban, Sana Jardin; Irina Kremin, INNOCOS; Laura Humphreys, Co:Cubed; Jeremy Basset, Co:Cubed; Sofia Lelakowska, Avon; Marie-Eve Schroeder, Henkel; Jason Harcup, Unilever.



The inaugural Innocos Ventures Europe event was held today in Florence, Italy with six beauty startups pitching for investment or partnerships with Unilever, Avon, Henkel and Cargill.

The six finalists were selected from over 70 applications from beauty startups across the world, with the finalists coming from Australia, France, Russia, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

The judges, all senior leaders with an active interest in startup innovation, were involved in the selection process, which culminated in the pitch event at the Grand Hotel Mediterraneo, Florence.

The event was hosted as part of the INNOCOS Summit – the beauty industry’s ON Tleading global event engaging decision-makers from across Europe and around the world.

“It’s an exciting time to be in beauty. The industry is growing well, and the beauty category continues to outgrow almost every other consumer-staples category,” said Irina Kremin, co-Founder of INNOCOS. “The rapid growth of independent brands and beauty tech, represented by our finalists today, is a reflection of changes in consumer tastes that everyone in the industry needs to respond to.”

The event was run in collaboration with Co:cubed, a London-based corporate-startup innovation agency founded by Jeremy Basset.

“In every industry, startups are shaping the future of beauty,” said Jeremy. “The barriers to entry have been eroded, and rather than seeing that as a threat, we see that as a huge opportunity for the corporates to step up and collaborate with this new wave of entrepreneurs.”

The startup which got the highest votes at the event was a socially conscious luxury fragrance house Sana Jardin, which empowers local women in developing markets to use the by-product of perfume development to produce and sell their own products. (

The 5 other participants: french anti-aging skin care brand Maege (, London-based luxury cosmetics brand Rouge Bunny Rouge (, personalised skincare brand Skin Genie (, augmented reality app Voir and newcomer to the beauty scene APSU ( completed the lineup.

The next INNOCOS Ventures startups showcase will take place in San Francisco followed by Dubrovnik.



INNOCOS Summit is the leading global event engaging decision-makers in cosmetics, personal care and fragrance industries, on the new trends and innovations in beauty. 

The annual INNOCOS summit isn’t only about business. It’s about building relationships and community. So the organizers have built optional activities into the program, including poolside welcome receptions, awards celebrations, dinners and a trend walk activity for those who stay over the weekend.


About Co:cubed

Co:cubed is a London-based agency specialising in corporate-startup collaboration. Co:cubed is focused on helping corporates harness the power of the startup revolution to stay ahead of the game. Co:cubed was founded by Jeremy Basset who was responsible for launching and leading the Unilever Foundry. Since launching in March 2017, Co:cubed now works with over 25 of the FTSE 100 and their peer group across Western Europe. Co:cubed brings together a global network of over 500,000 startups, ensuring their clients gain access to the best innovations, technologies and ideas from around the world.

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