About us

kgstransparentAt KGS we not only organise senior level business conferences and tailor-made corporate events but we create communities around specific industry and business topics.

KGS is global organisation with one clear goal – deliver the best quality network for senior executives in marketing for beauty Industry. Our events are covering strategies in consumer insights, marketing, ecommerce, digital and retailing, as well as innovation in product development, design, branding and packaging. Our conferences are developed through thorough research and a deep understanding of the critical concerns facing professionals, experts and leaders who have deep knowledge and practical experiences in their respective areas.

We believe that conferences are not just about thought provoking presentations, workshops and inspiring speakers but they are about people, social interactions and sharing knowledge.

In our connected world information is available 24/7 at your fingertips so providing first-rate programme content is essential, however we strive to create a stimulating environment where you can share your experiences face-to-face with your peers and build relationships.

We feel that relationships should extend beyond the event. It happens all too often that you meet inspiring people, network with your peers and promise to stay in touch only the reality is that you leave the event, loose contact with participants and relationships stop after the event. We believe that you will gain real ROI by maintaining contacts throughout the year(s) participating in our communities.

Our mission is to provide knowledge through interesting, relevant and inspiring conferences and facilitate social networks of industry peers.

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1) Knowledge Goes Social – the event does not end after the sessions
We aim to keep knowledge social by creating communities and networks of industry professionals around specific conference topics so that you can stay in contact with conference participants, network and communicate together all year round

2) Putting people first
At KGS we have over 10 years of experience in the B2B conference and events industry, thus attention to detail is essential and we ensure that you will receive the very best conference experience at our events

3) Events that uncover industry trends and insights
We provide access to winning ideas and proven strategies as well as insights into what did not work and how various companies overcame these problems for increased learning. Through unique thoughts and ideas generated from our event you will have valuable take-backs that you can use in your business and drive your company to new levels of success. In simple terms KGS = real ROI

4) Be inspired!
Our conferences will not only inspire you through sharing knowledge and experiences but also through interaction, engagement and building relationships with fellow peers and participants. Our events provide the best platform to meet, to share and be inspired! To meet + share = inspired ideas!

5) KGS = learning and fun
We create conferences that will stimulate you both personally and professionally where (you) the audience is encouraged to participate and actively engage from the start through interactive discussion groups, keynote presentations, real-life case studies, open discussions, interactive workshops, networking breaks and social media communities. These all help spice things up, spark attention, generate learning and fun

6) No more boring meals – more networking opportunities
We will extend the event beyond the sessions by organising the lunch tables by topic where you can pick the conversation you want to be part of and join in

7) What are you waiting for? Get out from behind your desk
– meet your peers and likeminded professionals face-to-face to share knowledge, experiences, expertise and be inspired!

The official KGS hashtags:

#innocos (for cosmetics and personal care news)

9 more reasons to attend:

Keynotes from industry experts
Generate ideas
Social interactions

Gather inspiration
Learn from the experts
Obtain industry insights
Build your network
Actively participate
Likeminded professionals