Dr. Jason Harcup

VP Personal Care Discover & VP Prestige Division, Unilever

Dr. Jason Harcup is Global Vice President for Personal Care Research, responsible for Unilever’s worldwide research program across its €20 Billion Personal Care businesses in Skin Care and Cleansing, Hair and Scalp, Deodorants, Oral Care and also delivering to the Prestige Division. He has ultimate responsibility for several hundred mostly PhD level scientists located in 5 laboratories across the USA, Europe, India and China. He is located in Unilever’s UK research hub. In 18 years with Unilever, he has been Site Leader for the brand new €60million Shanghai R&D Facility and headed Unilever’s Research organization in China, growing the facility capability together with a two dozen strong network of Chinese Academic Institutes.


Prior to China, he was Head of Research in the United States at Unilever’s Connecticut facility responsible for Skin Research. The teams he has led around the world have delivered a string of technologies totaling several hundred million Euros of turnover in global brands including enamel regeneration in Oral Care (Regenerate), salivary enzyme and protein boosting in Zendium, gender-tuned Anti-dandruff brand Clear, and Dove Nutrium Moisture, the stratum-corneum lipid replenishing Number 1 Dermatologist recommended Bodywash in North America. He personally holds several patents. He has been on the Faculty of Health and Beauty America, a Beauty Disruptor with the CEW network, a member of the Board of Judges for the RSC Emerging Technologies Initiative and a co-convenor of the Unilever Asian Dermatological Forum. He was made a Fellow of The Royal Society of Biology in 2016, having also been made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2015.


Prior to Unilever Jason graduated in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University, worked as a scientist for the UK Ministry of Defence, and has been an adjunct Professor at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, with graduate education responsibility, as well as carrying out research for numerous US government and commercial bodies. He has authored various publications across diverse media and gives several invited talks each year.

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