INNOCOS Trend Update – From farm to face to virtual

As technology continues to disrupt traditional business models, the beauty, biotech, and retail industries are undergoing significant changes. The beauty industry, in particular, is leading the charge with cutting-edge technologies and emerging innovative strategies.

This year, two significant developments are transforming the beauty industry: farm-to-face skincare and virtual influencers. Ulé, a brand under the Shiseido Group, uses vertical farming for its skincare production process, while NARS has introduced completely virtual brand ambassadors, the “meta-humans.” These trends emphasise the importance of innovation and creativity in meeting consumer demands.

Along with these trends, beauty tech advancements such as AI-powered skin analysis tools and smart mirrors offering personalised makeup recommendations are already changing how we interact with beauty products. Biotechnology plays an increasingly vital role in the beauty and wellness industry, bringing new treatments for skin and hair conditions, supplements, and other products that improve overall health and wellness.

The retail industry is being driven by the rise of ecommerce and social media shopping. Future trends will see more integration of online and offline shopping experiences and personalised shopping experiences based on individual preferences and purchase history.

The use of AI and other technology will optimise inventory management and supply chain logistics, improving the customer experience. The growing consumer concern for the environment also pushes brands to adopt sustainable and eco-friendly practices. It’s a welcome change that’s happening at a time when our planet needs it the most.

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