InnoCos. Meet our sponsors: Kurt Gasser, USP Indicator Solutions

27.5.2013 - Conferences


Say the word “America” and Kurt Gasser, the CEO of USP Indicator Solutions, perks up.

No, he’s not American by any means. His Austrian accent and old world elegance give him away. But the optimism and capacity for reinvention that he witnessed while living in the USA with his family in the early 2,000’s has deeply influenced him.

In many ways, Kurt Gasser is an amalgam of both sides of the pond: a future-thinking entrepreneur with a strong sense of family and tradition. It’s this emotional split, between the old world and the new, between his desire to push the boundaries of what is possible and what came before, that has made USP Solutions one of the world’s leading supplier of beauty trait testers.

When Kurt talks about his testers, he speaks more like a poet than a businessman.

“It’s about moments of truth,” he says.

Emotional honesty is a big driver for Kurt Gasser, both professionally and personally. It was one of those moments of truth that propelled him to return home to Vienna after completing his PHD is California, to help his father run the small family business, transforming it to a formidable venture capital group, Gasser and Partner, which he still runs today. Another meaningful moment happened when he became a father himself, a role he covets above all others. But the main moments of truth for Kurt are intricately stitched within his character and his need to continually innovate.

Kurt’s mind is always thinking ahead to the next, the latest, the unimaginable. He gets particularly excited when he talks about one of his latest creations, a device that employs UV light to enable the consumer to see what their face will look like in the future, wrinkles and all. “There’s a sense of urgency that happens on the part of consumers when they hold that special mirror up to their faces,” he says. “The experience only lasts a second but its impact can emotionally bond them to the brand for life.”

Kurt Gasser will be presenting at innoCos Europe, 4-5 June in Nice & innoCos USA, 10-11 July in New York on How to “Touch” Consumers in an Ever Growing Digital Environment. For more information about agenda and to attend go to

InnoCos. Meet our sponsors: Cheral Druck Jansen, Sopheon

27.5.2013 - innoCos pack,InnoCosmetics

CJAProfile-s (2)
When Cheral Druck Jansen was ten years old, her grandparents visited her family for the weekend. Cheral was especially fond of her grandmother, who always showed up with gifts for everyone, hidden in the small pockets in her suitcase. But on this particular visit, her grandmother changed her routine, instead deciding to buy presents after she arrived.

She asked Cheral and her siblings what treats they might like before journeying to the local shopping district. Cheral requested a doll, a special one with gold ringlets on her wish list. Imagine her disappointment when her grandmother came home with presents for all her siblings but not her. It was a simple act of forgetfulness, glossed over with a huge apology and a piece of chocolate, but somehow, the feeling of disappointment left a mark.

“I think that’s part of why I wanted to work at Sopheon,” she said. “Because they take their promises seriously.“

Among her many tasks as marketing manager for Sopheon’s European operations, Cheral generates new leads, markets the company’s software, and creates an awareness of Sopheon’s expertise in strategic innovation . But when she talks about her job, one quickly realizes her motivation for working at Sopheon transcends profits or career goals.
“Software doesn’t turn me on,” she admits. “But how it can transform a company and help people achieve their dreams, that does excite me.”
Cheral, like the company she works for, is all about the big picture. She casually drops words like integrity, commitment, and loyalty in any given sentence. Even when she chitchats about mundane subjects, you know she’s striving for meaning.

“Its no coincidence that people work at Sopheon for 15 years or more. Sometimes they even return back here after moving to another company!” she says. “It’s the atmosphere here. No one gets wrapped on the knuckles for failing. You’re just encouraged to dust yourself off, learn from your mistakes, and start again.”

“The Sopheon team really lives and breathes innovation and best practices. They truly believe that they are making a difference in the lives of individuals by helping their businesses flourish. And I guess that kind of genuine passion is contagious.”

Cheral Jansen will be representing Sopheon – Gold sponsors for InnoCos Europe conference – in Nice together with her team on June 4& 5 2013. For more information go to innoCos europe 2013 website.

innoCos. Meet our sponsors: Nancy Savoya, SKIM

23.5.2013 - Conferences

Nancy Savoya

Most museum directors have advanced degrees in their field of expertise. When Nancy Savoya ran her museum, she didn’t even have a sixth-grade diploma.
By the time Nancy became an account director in 2012 at SKIM, an international market research firm, she was already a seasoned strategist, having launched a Barbie Doll Museum in her childhood bedroom in the south of France twenty-five years earlier. The museum featured a vast collection of Barbie dolls she shared with her sister, homemade doll clothing and accessories, and the crown jewel of the collection, a bright red convertible Barbie-mobile.
Even then, she was thorough in her market research, analyzing just how she would lure her friends to her museum. Of course, the analytical tools she had at her disposal back then were hardly akin to the ones SKIM employs today, but they were effective, nonetheless. Even at 10 years old, Nancy knew how to marry numbers with psychology, offering free chocolates and homework help in exchange for admission to her mini-cultural center.
It’s impossible not to become intoxicated by Nancy’s joie de vivre, even when she is speaking about conjoint analysis, maximum difference scaling, Monte Carlo simulations, or a host of other mysterious phrases particular to her world of quantitative analysis and robust data used by the likes of Estee Lauder, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, and Philips, among others.
When asked what isn’t on her resume, the one thing no one knows about her at work, she had a hard time answering. “I have no secrets, even on my CV. My passion for early music, my love of yoga and hiking, my obsession with Belgian chocolate, it’s all there” she says, before adding, “ Well, maybe just my secret life as a museum director. I guess now it’s out there too!”
Nancy Savoya once again will be leading the workshop at the annual InnoCos Europe conference in Nice, 4-5 June 2013. The topics of the workshop include pricing strategy: a closer look at a key marketing lever, optimizing your portfolio management and product pricing strategies by integrating consumer reactions to price.
Is it best to increase prices directly or to reduce the size of your packaging? Which product categories are most price elastic? Do all European consumers react the same way to price? What is the right price for my new product?
In this fun and interactive session SKIM’s resident personal care and cosmetic experts, Nancy Savoya and Mini Kalivianakis, will discuss various tools and learnings gained from conducting pricing research in 45 consumer goods product categories featuring over 500 brands, to get you started on refining and optimizing your pricing strategy:
•               Dispelling common myths in pricing strategies
•               Testing price awareness in an interactive “The Price is Right” game show format
•               Engaging in group exercises with live examples and stimulating discussion

Nancy Savoya led one of the most highly rated sessions on a past event, which positioned her as one of the best workshop facilitators innoCos had in years. The audience found the interactive brainstorming session on claims last year – well organized and fun exercise with in depth explanations of how claims impact customers buying behavior.  A great way to get people involved!
We are very excited to present the next workshop session of SKIM led by Nancy Savoya at innoCos Europe in Nice, 4-5 June.
More information on the innoCos Europe conference and to register, go to:




It’s all About Innovation

17.5.2013 - Conferences

The writer, George Bernard Shaw once said, “You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’”


InnoCos Europe 2013, June 4-5, is channeling the spirit of “Why not?” with a roster of speakers whose innovative ideas push boundaries and provide a creative blueprint for the future of the industry.


Innovation is at the core of the two-day event, a forum for cosmetics and personal care industry senior executives, where the newest, most cutting-edge ideas about the future will be shared among peers at the seaside Hotel Le Negresco in Nice, France.

Any new paradigm shift brings new words along with it, a fact VPs like Horst Wenck of Beiersdorf AG, know well. He’ll be discussing front-end R&D and how they are developing new opportunities with business relevance in the pre-development stage, and in the case of Walgreens, a co-creation tool-box that the company’s VP of beauty and personal care, Shannon Curtin, will elaborate on.


The emotional needs and spirits of both consumers and employees are undeniably linked to innovation, and its importance is reflected in many of this year’s sessions. Kurt Gasser, the CEO of USP Indicator Solutions, will discuss how his beauty testers elicit brand loyalty by creating “moments of truth” with consumers, while Colgate-Palmolive will share how they connect R&D and marketing via the consumer using a new sustainable innovation process and innovative culture.


One of the biggest challenges companies face is how to make their messages stick in an age of information overload. Increasingly, they are turning to the age-old art of storytelling as a strategy for maintaining brand retention and loyalty. Seizing upon this latest trend, InnoCos Europe has invited Lisa, Lipkin to open up the conference. She’s a story strategist who helps organizations find and tell their stories more effectively. In the interactive storytelling session, participants will learn how to tap in to and use personal memories and anecdotes to enhance their current and future stories.


For more information or to register for InnoCos Europe, email:, call: +31 643001954, or go to:
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New heroes for skin and hair Symrise

6.5.2013 - Conferences

With its new and innovative solutions for skin and hair presented by Symrise at this video interview and further explores the paths of natural and sustainable products. The new stars in the sky of beauty and care, however, were found in the deep blue sea: microalgae, which Symrise turned into groundbreaking actives for skin and hair.
Symrise is one of the pioneers in the green evolution – and leading the way in developing new and effective cosmetic raw materials based on green chemistry and cutting-edge biotechnologies. Microalgae have been a research focus at Symrise for quite a time. From approximately 25-40 thousand registered microalgae species, only a few are so far commercially used. These unicellular microorganisms can be cultivated in photobioreactors under controlled conditions, resulting in highly pure material with constant quality.
In the course of a comprehensive biological screening in collaboration with Cutech Srl, Italy, the marine water microalgae Isochrysis galbana var. T.ISO was identified as an excellent source for new cosmetic actives. Depending on the extraction solvent used, extracts with completely different activity profiles were obtained. For instance, biological testing on ex vivo human skin models proved methanol extract to be an efficient ingredient for hair loss prevention; an extract obtained by ethyl acetate extraction, on the other hand, efficiently supports self-tanning.
At the video interview, Symrise is introducing three new products based on its latest research and a renewable, sustainably produced raw material: SymHair™ Force 1631 and SymBronze® 1659.

1. SymHair™ Force 1631 – fighting hair loss, improving hair density Thinning hair and hair growth disorders are a wide spread global issue that can affect both sexes at any age. Hair has always been considered an important beauty criterion; and consumers state that “loosing hair makes you feel old all of a sudden” and goes along with a loss of self-esteem and self-confidence.
SymHair™ Force 1631 is the new solution for these problems. It is a hair loss prevention active from microalgae. In an ex vivo assay on human hair follicles, SymHair™ Force 1631 proved to be effective after 8 days of treatment. Ex vivo studies using human scalp skin showed a successful proof of concept with 42% hair shaft elongation after 6 days. Finally, SymHairTM Force 1631 provides thicker and more voluminous hair with a clinically proven efficacy. According to subject’s evaluation, SymHairTM Force 1631 fortifies hair and improves hair density.

2. SymBronze® 1659 – for a natural and sustainable tan Being tanned is a symbol of a healthy and active life and still remains a beauty goal for many consumers, which is why the demand for sunless tanners over the last years has been stable. With the increasing consumer awareness of the health risks associated with UV exposure, the need for biological tanner that leads to a natural tan combined with an efficient protection from inside is crucial.
The marine water microalgae Isochrysis galbana var T.ISO proved to be an efficient skin tanner.
At in-cosmetics 2013, Symrise is also introducing SymBronze®1659 as the new, natural biological tanner. Working from the inside, it provides a natural sunless tan, accelerates the natural tanning process under sun exposure and prolongs the tan.

3. SymSave™ H
Multi-functional ingredients are increasingly being used in cosmetic formulations as part of the trend to “do more with less”. SymSave™ H is a nature identical compound and true multi-functional ingredient. It has anti-oxidant and emulsion stabilizing properties. More over it helps increase the efficacy of preservatives such as phenoxyethanol and formaldehyde-donors (DMDM hydantoin, diazolidinyl urea, etc.) to help reduce their dose in formulations. SymSave™ is also available as a liquid blend in alkanediols, called SymSave™ DH.
Symrise – always inspiring more…

The Rise of ‘Curation’: Product Mix Tailoring Reshaped for Today’s Retail World

1.5.2013 - Conferences

beautymart0Beauty retailing, and beauty consumers, are changing and ‘curation’ – a current industry buzzword –  is one of the strategies helping stores to thrive in this changing environment.

What is curation?

Curated stores feature an edited product mix, generally cross-brand, cross-price band and characterised by unexpected product combinations. Curation is more than simple ‘product mix tailoring’ though; it has a much stronger aspirational element. The word itself is borrowed from art galleries and exhibitions, so in a retail context it implies that the items have been chosen by an expert, a ‘best-in-class’ selection.

At its best, curation does not just offer consumers the products they already want, it offers them products that they should want. For this sort of strategy to succeed, there has to be a strong element of trust – consumers have to believe that the curator is recommending the right products, and that the curator is someone whose style they should want to emulate.

Harvey Nichols uses industry insiders to curate BeautyMART

One of the strongest examples of a curated store is currently the BeautyMART boutique within UK department store Harvey Nichols. It was launched in September last year under the control of two industry insiders, Millie ‘Ruby and Millie’ Kendall and Anna-Marie Solowij, a former beauty director of British Vogue. Their personally selected product mix features everything from retro classics (4711, Batiste dry hair shampoo, Badedas) to  mainstream names such as Revlon and Bourjois, and high-end niche brands including Zelens and CB I Hate Perfume, at price points between £1.50 and well over £100.

The traditional department store format has not been doing well in beauty retailing in recent years. In 1999, 12% of all beauty and personal care product sales went through department stores; today less than 9% of sales go through the channel. Although competition from the internet has made some impact, pressure from more contemporary types of stores, particularly drugstores and beauty specialist retailers, are playing a major part too. By launching BeautyMART, a self-service, cross-brand boutique, Harvey Nichols hoped to tap into a new generation of consumers more comfortable with a drugstore-style environment, but giving up the sales counter model meant missing out on the opportunity to introduce them to new products and nudge the price points upwards. Instead, Harvey Nichols looked to its curators to create a relationship with consumers using trusted, familiar brands and then tempt them with new products on nearby shelves, backed up by cross-brand advisors. BeautyMART has now been extended into vending machines and online, offering Harvey Nichols even more access to a new consumer base.

Who else can curate?

Although Harvey Nichols used industry insiders to add extra credibility to its curated store, celebrity curation is still surprisingly rare and could well be an area with more to offer. There is certainly precedent: was started to help consumers find outfits like the ones chosen by their favourite celebrities, essentially making the celebrities unofficial curators of the site. Bloggers and Vloggers already offer a form of curation through its product recommendations, advice and reviews, and also has potential to be great curating partner for the right retailer.  Even retailers themselves can curate successfully, especially if they have good brand equity. Net-A-Porter’s recent introduction of beauty products under the ‘Quintessential Edit’ tag was a great example of a retail brand using its trusted position to bring fresh products to its customers through curation.

 How can it help retailers?

In store-based retail, curation offers retailers the opportunity to subtly guide consumers within a self-service environment, making it a key strategy for channels such as department stores, which are finding the beauty counter sales advisor model increasingly incompatible with the tastes of modern consumers. Online, curation has another key function: to help consumers navigate the vast, dizzying, amount of choice at their fingertips but, crucially, without making them feel that their choice has been limited in any way.

Antonia Branston <> is Senior Analyst – Retailing at Euromonitor International.  She will be speaking about this and Keeping Traditional Distribution Channels relevant in the Digital Age at the InnoCos Europe conference in Nice, France on June 4 2013.

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InnoCos Europe: The Cosmetics Industry’s Newest Salon

28.4.2013 - Conferences


Gertrude Stein organized hers in Paris.  Clara Maffei had one in Milan. And now Irina Kremin, founder of InnoCos Europe, a cutting-edge conference for leaders in the cosmetics and personal care industry, is doing the same in Nice.


For centuries, salon hostess all over the world offered elegant meeting places where artists and business folk could inspire one another and exchange ideas that resulted in unexpected gains. In an effort to conjure up that same spirit, Irina Kremin has designed this year’s InnoCos Europe, June 4 – 5, at the Hotel Le Negresco in Nice, to be more than just informational, but a real meeting place of ideas.


Salon mistresses intuitively knew what the rest of us are still learning; that stories connect people in ways that facts simply can’t. That’s why this year Kremin is introducing a new storytelling component to the conference.


Beginning with a “speed storytelling” networking session led by story strategist Lisa Lipkin, participants will learn how to use storytelling to market their businesses while also getting to know one another through their personal stories. In addition, unheard stories of select sponsors and attendees will be introduced on the conference website.


Conjuring up the sprit of Hemmingway and Picasso, InnoCos Europe has invited some of the industry’s top visionaries to share their latest ideas about the digital age, social media, and the emerging role of the consumer. Both the mind and the heart will be attended to in equal measure. Sessions on how to warm the heart of customers or how to use contemporary art to showcase skin care will be juxtaposed with sessions on pricing strategies and scientific advancements within R & D.


Feminist Gertrude Stein would have been enamored by this year’s line up of powerful women speakers, including Fabienne Jacquet, director of External Innovation & Outreach at Colgate Palmolive, Esi Eggleston Bracey, Vice President of Global Cosmetics P&G and Shannon Curtin, Divisional VP & GMM, Beauty and personal Care, Walgreens among others.


Kremin knows that often the best results happen between lectures and scheduled events. That’s why there are eight hours of networking breaks, including a champagne reception on a private terrace overlooking the sea.


The Romantic writer Victor Hugo once said, “All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.”  InnoCos Europe is more than a conference. It’s an idea whose time has come. We hope you will join us.


To register for InnoCos Europe, email us at, call +31 643001954, or go to our website:

If pictures speak a thousand words…

8.4.2013 - Conferences

Irina video

If pictures speak a thousand words, imagine what a video could say about your business?

Here’s just one big number that should make you sit up and take notice:

1.8 Million Words

That’s the value of a one minute of video, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research.

Do you have the time and energy to write 1.8 million words? That’s the equivalent of 3,600 typical web pages.

And according to ComScore, brands using online video have seen lifts of 20-40% in incremental buying over other ad forms.

Video is a great way to get your elevator pitch out and collect leads.

It is a great way to engage, entertain, and promote that will get you great results on search engines.

If you’re not using video marketing, you’re missing out on a huge market opportunity.

We will be attending in-Cosmetics exhibition in Paris on April 16-18 and would like to offer you a 2-3 minutes video shoot promoting your business during one of these days. It is absolutely free of charge.

Don’t be afraid to try it … you have nothing to lose … except a traffic to your website, if you don’t do it!

Send an email to to reserve a time slot to shoot your 2-3 min video presentation, time slots are limited and will be allocated on a first come first serviced basis.

After you make a reservation, we will send you the video guidelines. Video will be published on KGSglobal youtube channel, with keywords and tags provided by you and with your permission. We will also post a blog on InnoCosEvents website within one week after In-Cosmetics show.

Video, 3D and Gamification are the Next Steps in Enterprise Marketing and Communication

1.2.2013 - Conferences

It is already known that game mechanics are going to merge with business operations.
We love this presentation by Sean McNiven, SAP, which he has presented at last year’s Beyond Enterprise 2.0 conference:

It’s a great idea, and the introduction of points, badges, levels and leaderboards on company websites is the first step.
Video is another big trend that Amanda Jobbins presented 2 years ago and is still very relevant.
Her presentation covered how to exploit video as an opportunity to build personal relationships. Great facts and examples were shown about the power of video communications and how video is changing the way we engage with customers in the future.

“But is this all there is? What else can you show me?”
Are you ready to take the next step into the fusion of games and video in business?
Check out the  InnoCosWorld virtual exhibition for cosmetics and personal care industry, where you can

  • Visit the InnoCos Europe and InnoCos USA stands for release of the video presentations from our past events and interview with our future speakers, which will be updated on the weekly basis.
  • View VIP suppliers stands to discover their innovative range of ingredients, presented with videos and product brochures in a fun 3D environment
  • Ask questions directly by connecting with individual exhibitors in one click

A gift for you: iPad Mini

20.12.2012 - Conferences


Maybe a ticket to a conference isn’t at the top of your wish list this year, but perhaps you have certain expectations of what you hope to find waiting for you under the Christmas tree.

If it is an iPad Mini and if you are anyway planning to attend one of our wonderful events in 2013, why don’t book now and collect your gift?

We offer an iPad Mini of your choice:

32GB WiFi


16GB WiFi + Cellular 

to everyone who will register for:



The number of gifts is unlimited! :-) To collect your gift, the registration should be completed before 12 JANUARY 2013.

Questions? email

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